Friday 22 April 2011


Thank you and sorry to all who have commented..some lovely blog pals l have and l'm not being very good at replying just now...l REALLY DO THANK YOU ALL...LIFE DOES SEEM TO GET IN THE WAY OF BLOGLAND

A few weeks ago l said we were going to remodel the bathroom...but it was put on hold
Still so many jobs to do here at Bakewell and we have now been in the house a year and a week lol
Cant believe it..time does fly!
ANYWAY cutting this story short or l'll be here all day and l'm still in my PJ's eating Easter chocolate cake for breakfast...ooops!
made it yesterday..
l'm no cook so this is quite an achievement for me..and it tastes good too lol
but the big reason for less blog time is..

Always seems to be a week we do big DIY jobs and this is no exception but not the bathroom, as planned but the kitchen
We have a big kitchen 33 cupboards, one of the reasons we bought the house, but things weren't as lovely as we thought...won't bore you with the details and we can't afford to do white doors is the main day l will change the doors
But for now they will just have to wait a bit longer
 We are going to rearrange and remodel the units new work tops, sink, taps and improved the layout

NEW RETRACTABLE TAP...white brick style tiles as the splash back
3x3metre worktops to fit a much lighter colour
I really wanted wood or granite but l'm afraid the budget won't stretch with such a big kitchen so l went for the lightest of the granite 'look alike' work top
they will go well with what we need to keep for now and will go well with white doors when l can afford to change them
New French doors and window, months ago left us with an incomplete kitchen,  a broken draw front hasn't helped either....the back door didn't open properly...l used to hold it open by tying it to the draw front ooops 
shut too one day and ripped the draw out and smashed the front
So by Thursday this next week we should look totally different..l hope! 
Rather than start yet another job (bathroom) we decided, actually l talked a lot about the mess in the kitchen lol and Phil being Phil, so laid back and lovely, just agrees him such a gem
So this little plan has been taking my blog looking time
along with flag making...
ready for the big day next Friday..if the kitchen isn't finished by Thursday we will be downing tools and glued to the TV from 6 in the morning until late at night lol

Having to do the kitchen in sections so cleared the 1st few cupboards last night and the house is a complete mess again lol....
Cleared cupboards/worktops is the only place in the house that looks tidy right now hehe
other than under the window this area will see the biggest change
wish us luck, hoping nothing goes drastically wrong!
Have a Fabulous Friday everyone
hugs to all 


  1. Good luck with your kitchen Suz. It actually looks great as is!!

  2. That cake looks yummy. Good luck with the kitchen..I think it looks lovely the way it is so I can't wait to see what you to do it. Have a great holiday :)

  3. My mum has just revamped her kitchen and it looks fabulous, i hope yours looks good too at finale. One thing they did to keep costs down was paint the old cupboards and you can't tell.

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  5. I shall try again. Noticed you on Ravelry. Your site is inspirational and beautiful. Very much appreciate your work and devotion. Thank you. Patricia deL

  6. Thanks everyone...made good progress yesterday 1st challenge to sort out today!
    Hugs Suz x