Saturday 16 April 2011

SOMEWHERE OVER THE RAINBOW.....a repaired laptop and lots of stripy cushions

Well it took a week for one reason or another but l got it back at 4 this l'm back in blogland
Been busy creating lots of colourful rainbows all week 
Striped all the orange sofa cushions and have been making new stripy cushion covers all week,
about half way, still a few to make all sizes and all rainbow combination stripes l can think of
Even created a new diagonal cushion that is made on the straight!

24" straight with an oatmeal background

white background 24" too...

diagonal 18" red back ground one
 diagonal 18" white background ones...
 a rainbow in the sunshine....on the orange sofa
in fact 4,000 stitches each for the 24" and 2,640 stitches for the 18"
all done on the straight so l'll share how, in the week

Right now l heading towards 14,000+ stitches this week...some going hey?....but with out my laptop 
l had to keep busy didn't l?

All for now but promise to be back soon
HUGE HUGS to all...l've missed you all....lots
Have a wonderful weekend
good to be back 


  1. What wonderful colors! You did a great job of varying the patterns while using the same color palette. Your orange sofa is ready for summer.

  2. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Yummy!!! =-)

  3. One colourful stripy cushion is good, but lots of colourful stripy cushions is even better!

  4. Oh how pretty,,,love love love all the colors..

  5. Wooooow! They are like colorful candies :) Beautiful collection!

  6. L o v e l y !!! Great inspiration ! X Claire

  7. Woooooo I love your stripes! x

  8. Love the pillows, they are perfect on that sofa. Have a great Saturday,

  9. OH My! How lovely...wonderful bright cheery colors to sit on that lovely sofa. If I could get all that done in a week I think I'd give my laptop up monthly! :) Take care..

  10. Hi Suz,

    Great to have you back!!!
    I love the cushions.
    And you have inspired me again, because it just so happens that I have a couple of balls of beige coloured yarn over, and some colours.
    So I'm thinking maybe a cushion like the one in your first photo.
    Have a great weekend!!!!
    And thanks for the inspiration!!

  11. Wow I love your stripes, they are gorgeous and they work so well together.

  12. This is amazing! I love it. I actually dont know which I love more--- that you have an ORANGE sofa or the amazing little pillows you have made to cover it :)

  13. OMG...Wow-za...Fantastic.
    I step away for a little holiday and you just go to town. Look at all I have been missing. Promise to get caught up when home on Tuesday.

  14. Wonderful to have you back Suz! 14,000+ stitches? OMG that's amazing girlfriend!Love the colors you've put together and they go great with the couch.

    Hugs XX

  15. Beautiful! So colorful! I love the diagonal ones. Glad you're back.

  16. Suz... I absolutely **LOVE** the striped cushions you made! You and Kate are the fastest crocheters EVER!!

    Welcome back.. ((hugs)) Teresa

  17. I luv your bright striped cushions! They are absolutely beautiful!

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  19. I love the diagonal stripe cover and done on the straight is great

  20. Such bright and cheerful cushions.
    I love them
    Glad your laptop is back

  21. wow! 21 comments lol....couldn't get on line this morning and been to VW show all day
    I've just finishing another cushion off while at the show to make 16,472 stitches this week a record l think hehe
    Thanks for all the fabulous comments and l'm real glad to be back in bloglang
    Hugs Suz x