Sunday 3 April 2011


Thursday was gravel day...9.30 and no phone call...l got up and James arrived...
"Did you know the gravel is at the front door?"..he says
"NO!"....along with a few other expletives was my reply
They just dumped in on the front phone call no door bell nothing...long story short they came back and moved it TO WHERE IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN...and within the hour...

James and l for the next couple of hours shovelled humped and raked it into ton of White/cream gravel laid...just exactly the right amount not one chip to much lol
and the sun came out to play too...a perfect day...except it nearly killed me off
Before and after back garden layout...from one square lawn to a gravel edges circle..
job well it...narrow pathways all gone not standing on grass to hang my washing any more..perfect
next space to transform is outside the conservatory door...
While taking this picture as a before...l needed to angle the shot so you couldn't see the terrible winter dumping ground my work room had become
Definitely high on the list of TO-DO Jobs...big tidy up and rearrangement of the conservatory yet again!
A 'my space', a fabulous space...well it was one of the reasons we bought the house l loved the extra big conservatory and had visions of it being an open plan lounging contemporary simple space
Hence the REMINISCING!..
The Day we moved in...
A huge space, until the crafter moved in!...

Now, don't get me wrong l do love having this huge craft room to play in, l'm very very lucky l do know that, but a little bit of me longs for that huge, simple, clean, modern sunny area to chill in read a book or just dream...with NO craft stash or equipment any where
I got quite excited when Phil said l should use it for all my crafting....
l do feel every now and then, a little sad, when such a wonderful space is full of paper, fabric, 
wool (and boxes l still haven't unpacked) and so much mess!
look at this..a photo through the door from the dining room...l'm embarrassed to show you how bad it has got over the winter 

..You'll understand l know, as fellow crafter's, it can't be tidy ALL OF THE TIME, not if you craft seriously....Can it?
Well...what with the view through the conservatory doors and all, l wanted to do a bit of shiftin' and shaking in there...AND SOONER RATHER THAN LATER TOO!

We'd been to order the bathroom (another story another day, l'm afraid the off set bath has died a death), oh! and l'd decided l wanted to tile the cooker splash back so we'd been and picked up a couple of boxes of tiles (yet another story for another day) 
Only two boxes but Phil dropped them as we came through the front door..aaargh!..upon opening the boxes found we had only lost nine..relied at that, so plan of action was, l'd get up early today and tile the splash back...hahaha...mmm you know what's coming don't ya?...
after last evening l could hardly move and fell into bed and l'm still here and the craft room well.....hoping to finish in there today..say a prayer for me l'll need it l ache all over

Back to yesterday (Saturday)
Feeling a bit wiped out and in need of a 5 minute nap....l've been so tired all week
 l took myself off to lie on the sofa in the MESS...with Lettuce Splodge and Brupbrup, they dont' mind the mess in fact they love to ADD to it as often as they 'em!
2 HOURS LATER....l woke up and sprung into action yet again lol

poor Phil  l got him to take down all the shelving he had put up for me last June
The add the wheels we bought ages ago to a couple of units so they are easier for me to move around
ooops one of the units is collapsing under the weight
might need replacing soon l
anyway on l crack and and by 9.30 last night l had one end looking something like normal again
just don't turn round and see my desk and big cutting out table will ya?
aaaaaaaaaarrgh!...still an ugly mess?
Only started to be a problem when l unpacked old boxes of stash and equipment
l did manage to knock it into shape a couple of time though...
door end
work end..
pre shelves and extra boxes though
Then we gave the beige sofa to charity and moved the orange sofas back in here and for the winter l moved them to the radiator end...
as tidy as it gets with TOO MUCH STASH l'm afraid...until now..wish me luck l'm going to be ruthless  
To be continued....

Have a super Sunday everyone
Hugs xx


  1. about time too. and i aint putting them shelves back up...
    Happy Mothers Day to one and all..

  2. aarh!..thanks..only to where they will be for ever and ever pretty please xx

  3. Your garden looks much better and I love your craftroom. It's very cosy.

  4. Wow! I think that is the only word that covers it! I'm surprised you could sit up to type with all the work you did. I must admit I was very impressed with your books being sorted by colour! I've thought about doing that myself at times - but I am too obsessed with them being sorted alphabetically and chronologically to do anything that random!

  5. Hi SUz

    Sorry I have not visited for a has been so manic, really hope you are doing well....your photos always give me loads of inspiration. Try not to be tooo ruthless you never know when you may need something again ! LOL will try to visit more have a lovely mothers day xx

  6. osh Suz, I'm actually relieved that you have a bit of a problem organizing some of your stash--makes me feel less inferior lol! Have a wonderful Mothers Day.