Thursday, 31 March 2011


Started at 8.30 going well...half way around the last flower with the last but one round
I could see that if l kept at it this blanket would be finished by the evening, quite chuffed l was and 9 days to go until the dead line...
The phone went!
Friends on the way over, so visitors stopped play...and l can't see me getting back to it until next week

A ton of garden chippings are being delivered today and we will be filling the spaces and finishing off the circular lawn
All ready and waiting and although it is still a bit grim out there right now, the sun is trying to make an appearance
all tidied and extra soil dug out to give some depth just waiting for the chippings to arrive

We will throw some paint around inside while we wait 
Fire Pit ...
or a portable one?...
more closed in?...
may be better because l'm thinking of adding it plus comfy seating just outside the conservatory doors like a small outdoor sitting room and it will be about 12' square..not a huge space

SOME SCREENING NEEDED... hide the drive and the temporary Bertie mess

slightly see through?
more solid?
with plants across the top?
or move the portable gazebo and close off one side like this outside a conservatory?
lots of lovely ideas to think about
Sun coming out so off to get James his breakfast and wait for the gravel
Have a terrific Thursday everyone
Hugs x
sorry again if you called back to see the finished blanket


  1. I see we are both saying sorry today. Good luck with the gravel delivery later.
    A x

  2. Looking good...I love the outdoor fireplace idea...good luck..and hopefully the sun will be shinning for you...

  3. Dear Suz, sometimes company shows up at the most inopportune times! Love how your garden is turning out, I'm impressed! I also want an outdoor fireplace, I like the tall enclosed one, seems safer than the open one.

    Hugs from Oregon, USA -- Teresa :-)

  4. That fire pit looks a lot like the one we had at our previous home. We loved it. But whatever works best for your area. What a lovely garden you have.