Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Still a Mountain to climb!

After a sort of long lie in and breakfast in bed yesterday, the mountain was tackled, but it still seems to be huge..don't ya just hate the washing after a summer holiday? lol
The Furballs were all well looked after and spoilt by James who cat sat for us, but l think they are happy to see us back home
we brought the sunshine back with us too..double figures and lots of gorgeous sunshine here yesterday and today...a real help with drying the mountain!
MALIBU PARK TENERIFE...3* and not bad at all for a cheapy holiday it was half way up the mountain though!.....well it felt like it in the first few days lol
It's on the edge of COSTA ADEJE and PLAYA DE LAS AMERICAS, sort of in the middle of both.

DAILY WORK OUT for free!...
 Because the apartments were so high up and when the aching calves got used to the climb and lots and lots of steps we felt we'd got a daily work out thrown in!.....lol
I certainly felt fitter because of the twice daily climb. It was warm and sunny but not hot. well not until the last two days so we also walked for miles and chilled more at the end of the holiday
Loved the place and we would certainly go back again

A small harbour to walk around 
and a walk way that went for miles around the coast both ways
overlooking the sea
and hotel gardens too...
sunsets to get lost in...
some great shopping centres..
and Bougainvillea by the bucketful...
a real favourite
and as the sun sets on another wonderful memory filled holiday
l won't drive you nuts with any more holiday snaps lol
but l'll just quote Kylie...
I have had a holiday, and I'd like to take it up professionally.
Kylie Minogue 

until next time!!!...please let it be soon
hugs to all xx

ps l took some crochet but didn't do much, not enough for pictures


  1. What a perfect holiday place. Looks like the weather was great. I imagine less crochet means more fun was had.

  2. Hi Val...so very true lol...
    It was a great break none of us really wanted to come home..but there will always be a next time xx

  3. Glad to hear the crochet was rested while you had a fab holiday. Stunning photos Suz.
    A x

  4. I can almost feel the sun from here!! Lovely pics Suz!

  5. Gorgeous pictures from a beautiful place!

  6. Suz..where were you? It looks like US. Near me?

  7. Makes me want to say "ahhhhhh". Just lovely. You lucky gal :-)

  8. Dear Suz... thanks for taking me along on your vacations via the photos. I'm stuck in cold, rainy Oregon.. wah. I am so ready for some weather warm enough to actually sit on the deck for a while.

    Hugs, Teresa