Wednesday, 9 March 2011

A couple more flowers added to the Jacket

almost finished the two fronts and the top row across the back...not sure about this one though might be just too much pattern and colour as a jacket lol So it might just end up as another camper blanket!

and a few more medallions.....
Chain and 1st round DK single strand and a 6mm hook
2nd round 2 strands of DK in two colours and a 6mm hook
6 chain sl st to close 
Round 1: 1 dc in each st total of 16 dc (USA) trebles (UK) sl st to close
Round 2: 2dc in each st and sl st to close
Join as you go with 2 sts every 4th stitch and into the back of the stitch only
Some l did with half DC on the second round instead of the dc thicker and slightly more raised but preferred the dc

Enjoy your evening everyone
Hugs x


  1. Please say it isn't so. I was so wanting to see your jacket come together. I'm doing something similar with mine, however two things. My colors are not great, stash stuff and two, I'm not following a pattern. But, when has TGB ever really followed a pattern. And yes, of course, I'm already thinking up some fun stuff for those circles. The join-as-you go has set me free and crazy.


  2. OK, I'll live with it, if a blanket it is...he-he..

  3. It will Kate....just not sure it will stay a jacket or not hehe...could wear it when we do the shows with the camper blanket and get lost in a bed of flower couldn't i? lol
    Hugs Suz x

  4. I realy love your work! X Claire

  5. I spent $87 on Drops Alpaca today.. can I blame you? LOL

    Hugs from Oregon, USA -- Teresa :-)

  6. Suze you sure are a crochet genius, I just love the colours you use :)
    Kate :)

  7. Thanks all and Teresa...gorgeous yarn you have there and of course you can blame me lol
    Link to DROPS DESIGN to the left fabulous colours in the Alpaca
    Hugs All xx

  8. Hi Suz,

    I'm always happy when I see these colors.


  9. Wowwwwwww, so beautiful !!!!!!

    Greetings from Belgium

  10. Hi Suz
    When I need cheering up or inspiration to do a bit of hooky I also pop into your blog spot so keep up the good work, you've got me thru the winter with all your lovely colours, works of art and links :) Best regards Liz AKA MrsSheldon