Saturday 26 March 2011

Sunshine and soil...and the promise of a rainbow of colours

Really can't believe the fabulous weather we have had this last couple of days so outside 
with the trowel l went
Still lots to do to make the garden ours..the very low winter temperatures have killed a couple of plants and  a couple l wanted to get rid of before adding the plants l like best...
l have a Camellia, 2 Honeysuckle, 1 perfumed, 3 Hydrangeas, a double white Hollyhox, a white Cistus and some architectural plants plus a few other to go in this morning....
Funny isn't it?....only a teeny tiny border to fill, you buy what seems like lots of plants,
 but when you place them they seem to get lost in the space!

Hostas and Lilies 
l Love Hostas and had several varieties at the old house but it also had bucket fulls of slugs and snails, so l lost half of them.....
This garden doesn't seem to have many of the little devils, so l want to add more this year
lime green with a green edge, a dark green one and a green with a cream edge....had mine with a fern in a tube and l didn't bring the fern so l'll need one of those too!

Lilies are another real favourite
and are all coming up ready for a wonderful show of colour in tubs
orange, pink, pale pink, white and cream all coming through in pots..ooooh can't wait to see them bloom again
Not a lover of roses but there are 2 miniature ones in this garden and l pruned them hard last year 
They look very healthy as does the... 
that Phil pulled up and just shoved in a pot!....
l went mad told him it wouldn't survive and l was leaving it rather than kill it...proved me wrong another one that is looking good and covered in new leaves

Remember the fabulous Wisteria from last year?
BEAUTIFUL ISN'T IT?....and l didn't realise what it was until a friend told me..
I always wanted a l have one...l hope!
We retrained it across the front of the house and around the corner of my craft room
Please please please let it flower as well this year's covered in buds so fingers crossed!

Not so warm this morning but lots of plants to go in catch ya later lovelies
Have a wonderful weekend
hugs x

I'd rather have roses on my table than diamonds on my neck.  - Emma Goldman  


  1. Thick fog here today Suz! I love the new growth in Spring. We have lambs at the bottom of our garden.

  2. So much promise for the months to come. How lovely. Enjoy your gardening.
    A x

  3. Very lovely. Thanks for sharing. But, soooooooooo lovely has the weather been this week I've done virtually no hooking! Too busy in the garden.

  4. Beautiful garden, a garden gives you so much Joy doesn't it?
    Have a lovely day,

  5. Oh Suz.. you are so lucky there in England for having your Spring arrive. Here in Oregon we had a cold rainy spell set in and everything has gone into some kind of suspended animation! Ugh! So, thanks for letting me enjoy your lovely growing floral warmth remotely.

    Hugs from Oregon, USA -- Teresa :-)

  6. I love your blog =-) I posted pictures of wisteria yesterday on my blog, too! I think wisteria is just so lovely. I am enjoying your crocheted flower motifs very much.

  7. Thanks everyone....think l've blogged you all lol
    Was so cold yesterday though l put the heating back on and didn't get back to the planting Fingers crossed it gets warmer again soon and all the wonderful colour bursts out
    Hugs to all x