Wednesday, 2 March 2011


For me to play with so soft and with a 3.5mm hook and 8ply (very very fine yarn) it makes up beautifully.....but not giving me the look l want and the colour is too dark
compared to the pale grey acrylic which is a better colour and the white cotton which is more the look l back to Colourmart tomorrow pure silk may be?
The piles of flowers keep growing ...
tried side by side joining but it needs a fill in flower or square and i used a smaller flower
just left a round out so it made an 8 petal flower
really love these contrasting blended colours
l wonder how many combinations there would be with say...... 20 colours?

Have a good evening everyone
Hugs to all xx


  1. Suz, you have a wonderful way with color. I think it's an innate skill.. you're born with it.. makes you a true artist.

    Hugs, Teresa

  2. Oh Suz....absolutly beautiful colours... also like that grey/blue colour and also the white...I wished I could find that kind of cotton here..but no :-(


  3. you are so inspiring, i have only just started and i only know how to do granny squares but looking at your work really makes me want to learn more, love your flowers x helen

  4. Dear Suz,

    that looks so absolutely beautiful.
    I think, i lost the right words to say how beautiful your flowers are.
    You have such a talent with the right colors...
    Can´t wait to see more.
    Send you many Greetings,


  5. aaaah! thanks everyone
    Need to sort the yarn out quick ready for hols!...not long to wait now
    Hugs all xx

  6. Suz,
    You do beautiful work, and choosing the right colors is magical. You have a gift to see the most amazing combination in color, in your home and crafting. I love it. Thank you for sharing. Alaska/pj