Sunday 27 March 2011


We went bathroom shopping yesterday...whey hey!!!
Found an off set bath by JACUZZI, (not my picture and slightly distorted looks deeper and shorter than it really is) we thought it would fit, if we moved the sink or the door 
But we came home and did a to scale plan on this site...BATHROOM PLANNER 
and on re-measuring the bathroom again, to add to the planner it fits!!
We will need to moved the sink and fit the bath on the back wall but it fits!.....ooops sorry Phil
What do you think?
and l knew l wanted a smooth simple line to the loo..found a few at 
Pipeline..great show room
so excited l

We knew the family bathroom needed an up date when we moved in, but over the last couple of months things have started to drop off in my hand! lol
The taps are tight and need new washers, the shower.... not brilliant and leaks through the kitchen ceiling if used and the suite is beige and the tiles are black..ugh hate them

We measured up and off we went....eventually finding what we liked, at a reduction too, think the bath is being discontinued
I sat in it in the shop and it's going to be perfect....bubbles a few candleas and a glass of happy bunny!
It has made all the other jobs that need doing fade away a bit...well for now lol
One more job off the list soon, anyway!

Have a super Sunday everyone
hugs x


  1. Oh fabulous!!! Crocheting from the tub whilst bubbling, nice and decadent ;-)
    Have a great Sunday!

  2. We had a similar bath at my last house - I loved it.

  3. How terrific Suz! Is this bath going to have a shower? It'll be perfect I'm sure, however it turns out.

    Hugs XX

  4. I love a toasty bath on a cold evening. I love the drawing on the right, I like the sink to be right next to the toilet. But anyway you do it will be perfect. How fun!

  5. That's going to be wonderful! I had bathroom remodel in my vacation home last year and it is so nice to come home to with nothing wrong, nothing broken =-)

  6. Pretty flash looking. You won't know yourself.