Sunday 24 April 2011

Kitchen makeover doubts...aaargh!!....l'm going to indulge my doubts here SORRY!

By the time l went to bed last night...temporary black work tops back on
the corner turned..l'm very very happy with 
love the eye line space we now have..the whole space looks squarer and more spacious very happy again
Possible plastering required..not a problem
Open shelving was the plan for this wall (above picture
for white china and all my storage jars..
 l'm sure there wouldn't be a problem if l could afford to change the doors for white now and not have to wait longer for it is going to be a half way measure and l now am having some serious doubts
when l look at the other side (the black l thought l didn't like some how looks nicer this morning) especially now it's been cleared of the mess ready to be removed!!!!....and the new sink tap and worktops added
Do l tell Phil or not? l stick with the changes or re-assess what or how much we change?

Love the 'look' of extra space rather than the corridor effect with the old kitchen but not sure about the new low line fridge and freezer
and a few have said why change it?...
Kitchen isn't in as good a condition as it looks in the pictures, plus l set my heart on a white kitchen when we moved
There were some problems like the fridge/freezer was behind the kitchen door a really silly place for it to be and as far away from the rest of the working area as it could be 
Worktops are slightly damaged and blistered in places the sink is looking old and marked and the tap has rust spots on it and leaks a bit and l really thought l wanted less black 
l don't know what to do and l can't believe l feel this way
WISH ME LUCK WILL YOU...really don't know what to do
l'm going to have to decide one way or the other today though.....take back what we have bought tomorrow and stay with the black?
 Change the sink/work tops for more black or go ahead with the lighter granite look and white ceramic sink?

messy house messy mind this morning
can't move for kitchen 'stuff' in the dining room right now...
do l put back some of these units or go with the open shelving and keep the work top free?

not going to be a good day l can feel it!
Cya soon l hope ...if Phil hasn't wrung my neck and buried me in the back garden hehehe

Happy Easter hugs


  1. Hi Suz
    You really wanted this change. Stick with it. Trust your judgment. It will be great. Keep going.
    Good luck

  2. Take a break today, go out for the day to somewhere green and open and let your thoughts breathe. Sometimes when you've been working as hard as you have at so many big home design projects you can start to become creatively tired and that's when you doubt yourself.

  3. I think it's looking great! As long as you paint the walls white there is no reason it can't work. To me, those shelves are made to look like there aren't the things you set on them are floating...(referring to your first OPEN storage picture)I think white can be used with any other colors..just my opinion..hope you soon feel better about it..can't wait to see..take care! xxx

  4. I think it will look lovely and bright with the white tiles, so I agree with Chrisartist, persevere! My sister did something similar in her kitchen recently, and the transformation really is something. I thought it was nice before and didn't think it needed doing, but the change is wonderful! Keep going!

    Take care,


  5. I have no idea what it looked like before since I am a new reader (HI!) but right now it's exactly like mine! Same units, same worktop, same splashback... same sink :) We got the joiner to build bespoke open shelving in the same wood (MDF?) as the wall units and replaced all our appliances with dark grey ones. And a black floor (cos I'm lazy like that and if I don't look TOO closely I don't have to clean it every day (cough cough - yeah never did that)). And of course, red seat covers. It needs red ;)

  6. Morning and thanks to all....
    Well we kept going...thanks for the support Phil sorted me out he did! lol...back on track
    Hugs to all

  7. eeek good luck, it is horrid when you can't make your mind up, it gives you that sickening feeling :-( You have a couple of weeks to take things back to shops so why not wait and see how you feel? Maybe pop some of your new worktops on top of the others to get a feel for it?