Monday 8 November 2010


Out there anyway hehe.....
unfortunately l need to go out this morning...wellies required l think hehe
l gathered the ingredients together....
creamed the butter and caster sugar...
added the egg and flower rolled it out to a 1/4" thick and cut the stars and hearts...
popped them in the oven for 15minutes....
hey presto l had a packet of warm biscuits!!!.....yum until l tried one or was it 6? hehe
well l had to be sure didn't l?
back to the drawing board and l think
shortbread recipe will be the Christmas biscuits less sweet....they look OK but so so very sweet
too sweet for me anyway..actually made me feel a bit sick and l tried another in the afternoon with a cuppa and one was too much for my taste lol
I want to ice them and that would be so sickly only thing you could say though they would last a long time OR MAKE EVERYONE SICK hahaha
Still didn't get to paint the book case but l will today as l started to play with 3D Cardboard Stars and they need a coat of paint to finish then gilding...
real pleased with them so l will make a bigger one some time too....
constructed the star in a couple of different ways then taped the edges and then covered them with kitchen paper all crinkly
Now dry they need painting and gilding
they will be finished by tonight

also managed to print and hand cut a 'Bakewell' sign for over the door..
far too small so l will be making a bigger one...looks a bit lost don't ya think...
unless l make it a message from Bakewell?

also finished the cushion but haven't taken a propa picture of that yet

hope you aren't getting as wet as us today 
for those that asked about the Continental the link to see how its done and good luck

anyone got a sweet tooth?....biscuit?
hugs all xx


  1. Thanks for the biscuit....yes a little too sweet for me too esp before breakfast :-)
    It's curtains for me this morning without my partner in crime so it will feel pretty miserable indoors as well as out for me but it's a play time afternoon so things will be looking brighter later :-)
    A x

  2. Those biscuits look so scrummy!! Really looking forward to seeing the stars too! The winter is def here yukky!! enjoy those goodies


  3. Yukky day indeed! Far too much rain and blustery weather for me so the smell of baking biccies sounds just right:) Love those snowflake cookie cutters - excellent!!