Tuesday 16 November 2010


Browsing the www as you do l found a fabulous blog thanks MICHELE for sharing some great ideas and these wonderful LOO ROLL FLOWERS

HOW TOO on Michele Made Me POST HERE
as you can see from the collage l can think of lots of Christmassy uses for these little gems hehe

only had time to make 2 yesterday as James turned up and and straight to the kitchen to see if  BANANA MUFFINS were on the menu?
There wasn't so he had a lesson in making muffins hehehe and l tried l really tried to let him make them under instruction but it was painful at times hehehe he had to do it his way hahaha
we had wonderful Banana Muffins for tea and James eventually left with a couple in a bag and a huge smile on his face hehe he added the recipe to his Blackberry and plans to impress his mates!

We went to the theatre last night to see
LARK RISE TO CANDLEFORD...both quite tired but an enjoyable evening out

oooops l digress aren't the flowers lovely?
 Take a look at Michele's blog too she has some wonderful ideas and it's a crafty blog well worth following
made these a couple of weeks back now but still not finished them off but might add some of Michele's flowers to the group of crochet baubles...
simple crochet circles with a straight side gathered around a balloon tied off then soaked in watered PVA and left to dry and harden 
Then burst the balloon and hey presto you have a crochet bauble....
l used a yarn given to me by a friend and although you can't see it has a sparkly thread in it...
going to add a few ribbons and hang as a group for Christmas
LOVE the way they look hung with Michele's flowers 
What do you think?
Does Michele get a gold star of two? lol
HUGE THANKS MICHELE...you have a new fan
Hugs to all 
have a terrific Tuesday xx


  1. Your flowers are gorgeous. Thanks for the link to Michele's. She has some really lovely crafting going on there.
    A x
    ps carpets are down and although it takes ages the furniture pics etc are returning to their places and it's begining to feel a bit more like home. Sore fingers dont help bless him.

  2. Thanks Suz to the link to Micheles wonderful blog wow she is so talented!! Hope you are ok, things are busy here so been a bad blogger as late so will try and get my mojo going thanks for the inspiationxx Hi to phil too xx

  3. Very nice Suz, I am amazed every time how much energy you have! Keep it up.
    Love Judith

  4. wow Suz! How gorgeous! I love how you've just taken this little idea, ran with it, made it your own, and so beautiful! i'm starting a collection of links people have sent me of projects inspired by my crazy ideas. i will be adding this and eventually doing a post about it and the others. is that okay?

    once again, SOOOOOO beautiful Suz!!!!

  5. btw, i must follow you! i would be CRAZY not to.

  6. I have seen Michele's flowers on her blog, I really like what you've done with it !

  7. Aren't you just the clever one. How do you find the time? I'm not even ready for Xmas yet. Still working on getting through our Thanksgiving....

    Keep the ideas coming.
    You know Who.

  8. Thanks all....and Thanks Michele couldn't have done it with out your idea
    Hugs ALL X

  9. The flowers are lovely, great idea.
    Thank you for the link to Michele's great blog, she gets a whole shower of gold stars from me.
    Carol xx