Saturday 10 April 2010


On our visit to measure up last week one of the double gates blew too and gave Noo Noo a nasty slap although bits didn't drop off Noo Noo like they did with the gate....ooops
So she got a couple of presents to make her feel better....or was that to make Phil feel better? lol

the scratch mostly came out but she still needs the dent dealing with!

 real excitement yesterday as all the papers are signed and the money is in place to pay for Bakewell and as there is no one above or chain 
We should have a phone call sometime Monday 12th April to go pick up the keys!

Just mind that gate Noo Noo!!!!!!!!!!

Bit sad my friend Kathryn is going home today we've had a fabulous week...going to miss you
But you'll be back when Lilly has had her pups and maybe you'll have a house move to tell me all about!


  1. Well well, another VW fan. Noo noo is a sweetie. Is that a rather swish gear stick I see? I'd like one, maybe one that finds the gears for you too. We might go to the Bodelwyddan show but I'm scraed we will get caught out, not knowing much about them yet. just knew I had to have one One day. Thanks for all your lovely comments by the way. Kept me going. BIG kiss xxx

  2. When I was a in my early twenties I owned a VW Beetle. I had more fun times in that car! Glad Noo Noo was fixable.