Monday 26 April 2010


Hi missed me?....l sure have missed all of you and blog land taken all day to sort out the internet but back in business at long last
Still got a house full of boxes and bags that haven't been opened yet but new cooker delivered today so we can pack away the camping stove at long last hood still to be put up and connected but the duel fuel cooker is ready for its 1st breakfast tomorrow morning
smart hey?....a present for Phil as he does most of the cooking in this much better at it than l am
All the furballs have settled in so well tried letting the brothers out for a short stroll around the garden last Saturday  easy peasy they didn't want to go far but Mr T was a different story so waited for Phil to come home and he took off as expected but missed us and came back 10 minutes later after that they all went out and took a good look around and all came back after an hour or so
Lettuce is still hiding under the bed but she always did like to be alone and out of the way...comes down stairs for a you know what and a bowl of meat but has water and dried food in her bedroom..hehe give her a fuss a couple of times a day but other than that doesn't seem to need anything else

don't like the fireplace as l said and it's not covering well with the white eggshell paint still needs a 3rd coat and the inside stone/marble backing needs lightening some how so been playing with bits of wall paper....may try the beadboard paper on the inside see what it looks like
and love the black on cream paper at the side not sure where yet love the wallpapers but never sure where to put them and how many walls!!..not helped that Phil really HATES wallpaper

Loving all the red and white in the house that seems to be appearing lol.....
tried the £1 bed head that Phil says he can make 18" wider!! not sure how but we'll see

still need to hang paintings and pictures on walls but liking the painted dining room furniture and coloured place mats....we've eaten every meal at this table since moving in unlike the old house where we never used it
Layout of house is so perfect for us
again lots to sort out yet but my craft room come conservatory is taking shape 
lovely sun filled room the boys love the high window for a stroll or a sun bath or just  to watch the world go by

We need 3 new windows at the front of the house all the seals have gone and you can't see through the upstairs windows...had the quotes....gulp 
but got to have them done change the look of the house a bit l hope
Great to be back in blog land l've really missed you all 
Really looking forward to catching up with every ones blog tales over the next few days
sweet dreams all hugs from Bakewell xx


  1. Happy to see you're back!--Sharon

  2. Glad you're back girlfriend! The new home is looking wonderful.

  3. Sooooooooo, glad to see your are back. What a lovely new stove. Love the Stainless Steel look. Can't wait to see your around more now. Nice to hear the move went will. Enjoy Bakewell.


  4. hi suz!! your back!!YAY!! We have missed you lots, but wonderful to see what you have been doing, the house looks so amazing and the cooker is stunning! Bet you are buzzing with so many ideas, enjoy everything, (auction is tomorrow, just to let you know)spk soon xx

  5. Welcome back. Love the photos. You seem to be settling in well.
    A x

  6. Thanks all will try to catch up with everyone over the next few days but still so much to do and sort out but loving the new home so much
    Can't wait for the real decorating to start but still taking stock at the moment...don't want to make any costly mistakes mainly 'cos l'm a tad broke right now!! lol
    hugs to all and thanks for so many great good wishes..luv ya all x