Thursday 29 April 2010


We still have lots to bring over to Bakewell...hell knows where l'm going to put it all no attic space here and the attic is full of mostly my old craft projects and collectables from my old shop and marital home 

Do wish l was better at getting rid of old possessions

Lettuce did a tour of the garden yesterday 
..................then went back to her bed hehehe a real loner is our Lettuce not helped by the fact that none of the other furballs like her......poor Lettuce
Howls in the middle of the night she was trapped half way up the stairs Mr T at the bottom and Brupbrup and Splodge at the top!....TO THE RESCUE I feel tired from having another broken nights sleep do wish they all got on better although now they are all going outside and have some freedom it's not so frantic!

Thanks for the comments on the wallpaper dilemma still can't make my mind up......
had thought about a patchwork of all of them VERY OTT that might look........a freebie though because l could use all the paper sample l have....mmmmmmmmm a little project to try out maybe

Kate..glad you are enjoying the d├ęcor ideas 
 it's the dryer you can see next to the cooker and will eventually be in the garage l hope 
don't use it much
Bakewell's kitchen is not a particularly good layout and it's a big 'L' shape with no utility but some UK house have utility/laundry rooms but unfortunately not this one day maybe!


  1. Thank goodness, I know the kittie's name is Lettuce or what else might my mind come up with. Dryer, ohhhhhhh....still don't get in the kitchen.

    Moving on...still love the pink and black the best. I don't think I would mix them on the walls. But maybe wallpaper some fun things for the room with the others not used. For what it's worth.

    Just have fun and take your time. You will be here for a while. Leave with your samples up and see what catches your eye after a week or so. Remember, there is no hurry, as you will be here for a while.

    Kate - xoxoxo

  2. Just Keep remembering that Rome wasn't built in a day! And don't forget me if you come across the cloth doll patterns. Love ya girlfriend and you take care it will all work out.