Wednesday 28 April 2010


Really need to live with the Cherry units and black worktops for a while so the thinking was the back wall behind the cooker papered with some thing black and many l like here are 3 but really can't decide between them or the other 20 l like......any suggestions welcomed pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease?

Something soft and country something dramatic having a bad day internet been playing up all day
help 1st frustrated to the auction fingers crossed that doesn't send me up the wall tonight too!
The hood is on and took longer than we thought 


  1. I like the huge print on the left....but can't really see the one on the right...

  2. hi suz

    like them all(the wallpapers) i can never make a decision either,lol. Wont be up to the auction tonight....sorry to miss you, got a really bad headache not sure if its a migrane feelin pretty pants right now, like i say really sorry to miss you:( hope you find some goodiesxx
    spk soon


  3. Suz, the one on the far right of the cooker hood pic, its got cream in it and will go with the cooker, K xxxxx

  4. I like the one in the middle. It is brighter than the one on the right and not as busy as the one on the left. Just my humble opinion here. :)I really like your stove! There looks like a lot of room to cook some yummy meals!

  5. Thanks all..great input take a look at the new one l found tonight bit of a drama queen but love it for that
    hugs all xx

  6. I would say you should go with the right wallpaper it's not so overpowering the area. :)