Thursday 15 April 2010


Noo Noo doing her bit another load of small bits and pieces over today
Well 8 litres of white matt paint later..master bedroom en suite bathroom lounge and dining room all 2 coats of paint and the kitchen one we can't do any more painting for now.......moving tomorrow and Saturday the rest will be painted when we get settled in

Lounge starting to look better and the fireplace has had one coat of eggshell will try to do another tomorrow

Pick up the van tomorrow at 8 pick up a friend and then pack it up with beds sofa's tables and chairs all the bigger furniture
Will be sleeping here Saturday night move as complete as we can manage this weekend and anything left will be small and can come over in the next week in the car and Noo Noo

The boys are wondering what is happening l'm sure!! lol
Phone is on but the internet will take till the 26th April so we may be off line for a few days with only the local pub wifi
No aches tonight but l am tired waking real early so tomorrow l will be getting up and packing the glass and anything that will fit into the boxes

So guys if you don't hear from me for a few day wish us luck with the actual move and cya asap
Hugs to all and thanks again for the good wishes and lovely comments
We really couldn't be happier with Bakewell it really is rocking our boat
bye for now!!


  1. Good luck Suz! After all the waiting, you can actually move in and get cracking on all your lovely room ideas - lovely!

  2. Suz I really do know what you're going thru as I was in Real Estate for 10 years. I bought several places and remodeled them over that 10 year period. You're doing great and you really have a decorating talent, one of your many talents! Hang in there and remember Rome wasn't built in a day. LOL

  3. Good luck with the move proper, can't wait to see what you do with your new nest.
    And jealous because I see from an earlier post that you have the flower cushions I decided just weren't Martin proof.

  4. Your organisation is of military precision, well done sounds like the whole move is going to run very smoothly.
    Have a wonderful time in your new home.
    Nicky x

  5. Hope all goes well and take care