Tuesday 13 April 2010


Thanks all for the lovely comments so worn out not done so much work for a good few years now hehehe
To all that asked yes the camper is ours meet Noo Noo a 1976 Late Bay
her MOT tomorrow so wish her luck we will have had her almost a year and the reason we moved house!!!
LOVE hey!

Bakewell update
Started with the master bedroom and en suite...emulsion finished but no wallpaper yet 
but there will be tomorrow
great wardrobe space l'm sure l will fill it hehe

beautiful pale blue was over powered by the 3 lemon walls....so painted the lemon white and going to bring out the blue

Chosen wallpaper for the head board wall,,tomorrow it will be on the wall
 l want the front door painted a pale colour played with soft lime green but decided on a very pale aqua blue
but you will have to wait to see that till we move in propa!! lol

white walls instead of the lemon looks sooooooooooooooooooo much better added a couple of blue jugs for the pic hehehe
and the flowers will be aded some where l think cut them out on the way home
shelves to go up and all sorts of things to be added yet though
more lemon paint in here too now its white and some black and white towels added and a shower curtain will be added soon

and the Bakewell Bench fit very snugly in its space...1st coat of white  paint on the porch walls and the hook board high up on the wall waiting for a set of black antique hooks to arrive then we can hang our coats up

and the cushion will be different something to match the new door colour maybe

Keep watching more pics to come tomorrow
hugs all xx


  1. The house is already starting to look super Suz! I can just imagine how it will look when you are finished.

  2. Hi Suz

    You must be runnin on red-bull, lol........where do you get your energy??Wow you have been soooo busy love the photos, keep em coming, can not wait to see what you do next xxxmay see you 2 moz at auction (c how u feel) will bring SU catty for you see you soon


  3. hi,

    Good work... and super interiors
    thanks for sharing

  4. Looking good..............