Friday 21 September 2018


Finally completed the alternative granny square blanket and it now has a new name, because of the Black Tulip edging....

US terms
4mm hook
Stripes: col. Brights, 50g. 20% Wool yarn from Wilko's...a fab find.
Black/Charcoal dk: I have used an odd ball I have of Stylecraft Alpaca, unfortunately I've just discovered, its been discontinued so any black or charcoal dk you love will work here.

To create the Black Tulip edging I split one ball of the Stripes into the green shades [lime and jade] and joined them all together as one yarn and then joined all the remaining colours [yellow, orange, pink, purple], together to do the final round. 

It used pretty well all of the yarn from a Stripes, 50g ball plus the black/charcoal yarn for the 'Tulip heads'

Too late last night to get a final complete blanket picture taken the light had complete i will add a whole Black Tulip Blanket picture as soon as its light again this morning 
Enjoy x

None are brilliant, the light isn't good at all this morning but you can see the size. Mr T thinks it's his new's not!

it fits the top width of a double bed perfectly..