Thursday, 26 November 2009


November 10th 2009

dk, 4mm hook
US Terms

Leave a long end to sew rose together.
chain 57.
Row 1: make wide 'v' st, (dc, ch 2, dc) in 6th ch from hook, 
* miss next 2ch, (dc, ch2, dc) in next ch, repeat from * creating 18 sps, to add petals too, ch2, turn

Row 2: 5dc, in first 'v' st, [ch2 sp], sc, in next sp between, 6dc in next 'v' st, [ch2 sp], sc in next sp between, repeat 5 more times, [7 small petals]
9dc in next 'v' st, [ch2 sp], sc in next sp, between, repeat 4 more times, [5 medium petals], 
12dc in next 6 'v' st, [ch2 sp], sc in last sp, [6 large petals]

Starting with the small petals, roll and sew together.

NOTE: Don't sew too tightly, and try to stagger the petals works best, 
but rolling all the petals and then sewing worked
I found that rolling the small petals first, then sewing, then the medium petals and sewing, then finish rolling and sewing the large petals 
It does take a little practise.

 Add a pin or sew directly onto your project.

 Shaded yarn works well with this pattern too...

A great way to finish off your knitting or crochet pieces.


  1. ooohhh will brave this one.....get ready for lots of advice and help!!! thanks suzxx

  2. Hi Kaz problem quite easy just completed my 1st in pink l'll have a bouquet by morning l hope hehehe good luck we can swap notes
    hugs xx

  3. Nice flowers!
    I like this shrug also. It is such a nice contrast, the white and the black.

  4. It is Drenka...trendyknitting makes them to sell on Etsy if you click the link...beautiful l agree
    How did you get on with the roses Kaz?

  5. gorgeous roses!

    thank you for the pattern...