Monday 9 November 2009


Been asked to share the pattern of the Loopi Flower
thanks for asking love to see what you make?
Chain 3 join with a slip stitch
8 single crochet into chain ring
slip stitch to make a circle
2nd row do 2 single crochet into each of the 8 stitches..GIVING 16
slip stitch together and fasten off

3rd row: Change colour for petals
pull a loop through the first stitch and chain 8 for a small flower petal
hold ends firmly and crochet into work as you go
slip stitch petal chain to the next stitch
making a loop (petal)

repeat until you have 16 loops (petals)

this slightly larger Loopy was made with a thicker yarn and 10 chain per loop (petal)
and a larger hook a large flower
don't be frightened to experiment

Have fun and let me know if you have any questions


  1. Thank-you, thank-you. Great directions. Looks so easy.... Going to have to give these a try

  2. Hi're welcome look forward to seeing how you use them
    Hugs xx

  3. You have the best ideas, thanks for a for the great flower pattern!!! I was just looking at your other blog and boy are you creative. I wish I lived close to you.

  4. Suz, was looking at your flickr can you share the patterns for the beautiful cupcakes and for the felted neclaces? I wish I could create patterns. I am a great crocheter but need a pattern to make it. Looking forward to the next post.

  5. thanks suz....will give it a go , my next day off I will be giving you a call!!hee hee thanks suz

  6. Hi probs but may take a couple of days not been well last 24hours just popped on line to keep up with mail but not stopping 'cos l still feel a bit sickly...hiatus hernia l think..bend over and l throw up!! Need to watch what l eat a bit better smaller meals etc!!....ooops soz too much information hey!

    Kaz told ya gf anytime we'll soon have you an addicted hooker!! lol
    Huga all xx

  7. Sure, no problem. Hope you feel better. I am an aide in 2nd grade and the kids are dropping like flys. I want to stay healthy...but we have to worry about the Swine flu.

  8. Suz, just a reminder for the patterns I asked for. Hope you are feeling better..... Have a nice weekend.

  9. Hi there Suz, thanks so much for the flower pattern! I love it, just made one and am on to making many more!

    Take good care,

  10. thanks for the reminder Debbie still not fully back to posting and l didn't do a pattern for either so will have to looks at and write the pattern hopefully next weekagain remeind me if l forget hehe

    Thanks Michelle..look forward to seeing what you do with link to your blog?
    Have fun x

  11. I have given you a award you can get it on my blog :o)

  12. Those flowers are beautiful!

  13. thanks Cindy
    oooops Arty..must go and do that list of questions hugs xx and thanks for thinking of me