Monday, 2 November 2009


Got lots done today and even found time to make a new bag with a loopy flower
EDIT: bag measurements
The strap is 14" long x 3.5" wide
The base triangle is bout 9.5"
The flat bag is 13.5" wide and the sides are 10" long
I did the triangle in about an hour the night before
Then when Loose Women started on TV at 12.30 l started the sides, strap and made the flower which is 4" in diameter and finished at about 9ish last night
Used double strand DK and a 6mm hook


  1. Bag and flower look fantastic. Did you really make them in one day? How big are they? Loving the colours you used.

  2. Thanks Kate yep an hour the night before and stated again at 12.30 pm finished about 9 pm at night with meal time and watching a bit of TV thrown in hehe....mailed you the measurements in detail hope it helps
    Hugs xx

  3. Wow, great colour choices, if it a devised pattern? What yarn did you use?

  4. Oh my gosh I love this to. Any pattern hints you can give? I want to make the wristwarmers and socks but am having a problem witht the pattern. I have never done a ripple before for one thing and are the stitches diff for me in the US? I would use worsted weight not sure what size needle and I also have big freet like a 9 1/2. Lots of questions I know but I just love your stuff, you are my new inspiration.... thanks for any help!

  5. Hi both and thanks for dropping by the yarn for this one is only acrylic as l'm trying to use it all up as l've bought pure Merino and cotton yarns
    My own pattern just made up as l go and Debbie all the questions mail me on and l will answer them all but off out for dinner with friends in half an hour so not got time right now if you mail me l can send more info in picture form etc and glad you like the ripple slippers
    Worsted is siilar to the 2 strands of DK though chat soon hugs Suz x