Wednesday 4 November 2009


Photos are bad electric light wasn't good enough but its 3 months since l started it and now its finished
hehehehe l've taken it to bed with me even though it's only just out of the washing machine and still very damp but.....

l'm just soooooo chuffed with the finished result l want it to be the 1st thing l see when l wake up...
silly but even at my age l can still be excited by the simplest of things lol
two flower options loopy or more felt
I've already started the next one but was nodding off to decided to stop for tonight but woke up again when l pulled the vision in pink out of the washing machine lol

Night night all Sweet Dreams


  1. Gorgeous! Is it an "attic24-bag" you've done? I have done two that I've felted in the machine, and they are super! But your colours are much nicer than mine, so I guess I must go and make another...
    Nice flowers too!!
    Anna-Karin xxx

  2. Hi Anna...Thank you
    NO sorry none of my bags are Attic24 bags hun
    I've been making bags for almost 40 years on and off just never done a felted one from crochet before

    Took early retirement from Design fashion and textiles about 5yrs ago all crafts are just for fun these days
    It's like being an art student again hehe loving the hours of experimentation time l have again
    You need to change your setting hun so l can go look at your blog and add you to mine?
    Hugs Suz x

  3. Sorry, I have no blog. I'm not that good in writing OR taking photos...
    I have some pictures though at this:

    Love your blog! So many nice colours you use in all your beautiful things!

    Hugs Anna-Karin

  4. just seen this on flickr and had to come and have a closer look! Well done you!