Sunday, 29 November 2009


Gave it a go and not displeased with the results
Real snowflakes have 6 points hehe need to remake with 6 points
oh well l know it works now lol

Star pattern with an addition of slip stitch and chain loops
Tried it in two sizes and added more loops to the bigger one
Thank you l love them and l adore the cabbage in the middle hehe...looks just like a rose with extra kinda bouquet
hugs xxxxx


  1. The snowflakes are so pretty

  2. Thanks Maria...just needs to be a 6 point star to begin with hehehe had a feeling when l was trying it out that it should be hehe...the grey matter was trying to tell me and l wasn't listening!!
    But they work thats the most important
    Suz x

  3. Suz, here is my work e-mail Thanks for all your patterns. I will wit for the cupcake pattern, I am not good at making my own I crochet really well but w.a pattern. So whenever. Have a great day!!!!

  4. You must think I am nuts I am working w/1 eye my other one is out of commision for two weeks look at my blog for details if you are interested rather than boring you here. Anyway would love something you made you are like my new crochet idol!!! Debbie Procek
    132 Second sTreet Dunellen, NJ 08812 Thanks.

  5. thanks Debbie...a cupcake will be winging it's way to you toady xx
    Thanks Arty just about to do a few 6 point ones doing a snowflake hanging some crochet some paper in the bedroom window for Christmas watch this space hehehe..l love Christmas
    Hugs All xx

  6. Thanks Suz, are you going to post the pattern for the 6 point one? Would love it.

  7. Hi Debbie...the snowflake done with 6 points as 6 point star pattern then add slip stitch and chain loops of 4, 5, and 6 or 7 chain stitch on the points

    Just count the stitches and space then the same on each loop just below the point both sides and the tip is a group of 3 loops the tip one being the biggest loop and slip stitch from one point to another

    all of them were slightly different

  8. soz Debbie thought the pattern was on here dumbo me its on Ravelry a real simple pattern for all your stars and snowflakes hehe..have fun