Wednesday, 8 November 2017


A long shallow triangle with a centre start, and can be made with 
one cake of James C Brett, Northern Lights...crochets beautifully, very soft and the 
colours blend with no hard colour changes, with a tiny white fleck. 
And it does what it says on the label and makes a scarf.

This pattern takes approx.150g of dk yarn
4mm hook

MIDDLE OF THE ROAD MEASURES: Approx. 14" at centre x 55" Long doing 49 rows.

 Noro....decided it was a little 'stiff' in this yarn, love the colour though 

US Terms 

My Button start

 finger wrap of 10 wraps
 ROUND 1: 14sc [14dc], into the finger wrap, sl st to complete.
 ROUND 2: Cover the first 14sc, with approx. 33sc,  another two rounds, sl st to complete,
 cut off and weave in end.
ch7, for button dangle.

Start the Middle of the Road Scarf
Oatmeal Linen and Rainbow Sock yarn

1:Be careful not to mix up the middle of the close 'v' sts, and the spaces between

2:To make the scarf longer and shallow lengthen the first and last close  'v 'sts, 
by using a longer st, ch3, or a tr, all other sts, are dc.

3: Start and finish each row with 2 close 'v' sts in the first and last close 'v' of the row below.

ROW 1: 3dc into the 3rd ch from the hook, turn

ROW 2: ch3, 1tr, 2dc, into the first close 'v' sp, 2dc, 2tr, into the second close 'v' sp, turn

at the end of row 2 you will have 4 'v' sts, the 2 outer 'v' sts will be tr, the inner ones dc. Repeat this on all rows with the extra 'v' sts in the middle 'v' sts.
By row 22 you will have 44 close 'v' sts 

ROW 3: ch3, 1tr. 2dc, into first close 'v' sp, 2dc into next 2 close 'v' sts, 2dc, 2tr, into last close 'v' st, turn
ROW 4: ch3, 1tr, 2dc, into first close 'v' st, 2dc in every close 'v' st, in last close 'v' st, 2dc 2tr, turn.
ROW 5 +: Repeat row 4.

Continue until you have completed a row and used almost all of the CAKE, but leave enough to finish with
 a button and to add a button to the remaining point.
I managed to do 49 rows.

If you are using couple of balls of dk then you can make the scarf longer but remember to leave enough to add 
the dangles on the long points.


  1. This is fab, thank you. Love those dangly buttons and I have just the yarn for it :D

  2. Hi,is there a tutorial for this lovely pattern?

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