Monday, 6 November 2017

BUSY BUSY BUSY....GREY CROCHET and lots of Decorating

To move or not to move...that is the question? So decorating to start with and see if i change my mind about moving.

Buying grey paint has been a nightmare, been using Valspar paint and the colour changes in the room, so in the end we mixed the 2 paints we bought together to make the colour we wanted.... good job we mixed enough for touch up as it hasn't covered in one go...bit disappointed with the paint I'm afraid... 

It changes shade drastically from wet paint to dry too
 and this 'Grey' wall looked blue after it dried...decided to finish to and live with it for now though
 different time of day and it changed again...never had paint look so different from shop to wall and in different times of the day
Double doors are also now painted a pale grey
and the butchers trolly and stool are a dark grey too...the table legs will be dark grey and the top of the table will have a distressed finish on it as soon as we can get to it 

Mangaged a little bit of crochet playtime after digging out all the grey samples to complete for the grey kitchen..

plenty of 'grey' project i can complete for Kitchen sofa blankets

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