Wednesday, 22 November 2017


Pickled Hooker [Apple Cider Vinegar] and Calcified Righthand Tendon right wrist

Date: Late on Friday 17th November 2017 

Accident happened, while folding a very heavy, vintage our packed up front bedroom

something was amiss....

 Righthand wrist severe pain...

 Saturday 18th November: 2 hours in A&E early morning....not bad

x ray shows calcified tendon [possible old injury], aggravated damage to right wrist....all crochet on hold until further notice....nooooooo!

 Wrist support, home to complete rest, undetermined time.

Long day of Tears, shouts, rants, swollen right hand and lower arm, 
climbing the walls in agony, 
wrist support removed, pain killers not working,everything i had been able to do with the Doctor who i saw i now couldn't do any more, excruciating pain

Evening of Saturday 18th November: another hour plus in A&E, 
couldn't do any more for me except stronger pain killers, go away come back for the appointment i'd been given for Friday to see consultant.

very little sleep, in agony, right hand wrist was definitely not well.

Sunday 19th November: Cancelled trip to Chatsworth house with Son and gf, James and Beth sorry both, next year i hope.
 Lots of tears and shouts, excruciationg pain all day....i was ready to cut it off at the elbow.

Tried tens machine, meditation, exciting film everything i could think of, nothing worked for the pain now...

Late evening, couldn't take any more, 
lay very still told my self to sleep and tried transferring all my thoughts to the left hand side of brain, well they do say parts of your brain control certain things, kept wrist very still on a soft pillow, i'd have tried anything by this worked eventually I fell asleep

Result: slept almost all night

 Monday 20th November: Had to cancel the workshop for the 25th November.
So sorry, to all who booked, I couldn't even have driven there let alone picked up a hook.

Hope you all forgive me?

I lay very, very still all day with right hand on the softest pillow i could find. 
It was so swollen, one hand looks like a babies hand, compared to the wrinkly left hand, wish i could keep that bit. 
Visit and flowers from James and Beth..thank you xx

Only moving i did was to get up to make a couple of cups of tea and sort the boys out, they didn't give a dam about wrist injury I'm afraid...
Cat food pouches are a challenge with one hand and your teeth.

Tuesday 21st November: Another reasonable night and so long as I kept it very still there was minimal pain. 
A little worrying that i now had no grip though, couldn't move my fingers into a fist or straighten them, they just wouldn't work, as if they don't belong to me any more.

Spent some dangerous time on line, one click works well with the left hand as well as the right....
Got myself a series of books to read, set of 5 by Debbie Macomber, checked out a few blogs and bought myself a face primer......supposed to fill the cracks, under your make-up, let you know if it works, it was voted one of the best, we'll see.

Posted on my crochet group on Facebook, Thanks Hookers for the wonderful kind thoughts, support and good wishes. 

 Read up about Apple cider Phil rushed out to buy a couple of bottles...
good for calcified bits it says along with lots of other benefits too....

Can't drink it with Honey like they suggest, so on chips, salmon, mushy peas, fish, salads and good in the bath too.

Wednesday 22nd November: A long soak in the bath with a cup of Apple cider vinegar. So hard to do anything with just one hand working....but you do find ingenious ways to do stuff, chin on chest to open jars, teeth for cat food pouches, challenging! 
Sugar tongues to squeeze tea bags, couldn't manage a tin this morning though nothing worked on that one.

The swelling is a lot better and i have a little more movement in righthand fingers, but still needs to be kept quite still, definitely no twisting actions.

The swelling is down enough to put wrist brace back on. Don't needed any pain killers today roll on Friday and i can find out what the prognosis is going to be.

For now all i can do it blog, very slowly with left hand and 

Wonder if i'm going to need to find a new hobby?
Any suggestions?


  1. Take heart Sue, it's amazing what one can do with one hand, many people are born like that including one of the new weather girls on BBC. Are you allowed to have your right arm in a sling as that would help? How about taking up painting or drawing ? You can do that on an iPad or similar. You could design some interesting stuff like that. Sending love and wishing you healed ASAP xxx

    1. Thanks Hope Friday will see some answers its my right hand thats the problem not good with my left art all like being in infant school to write lol xxx

  2. I never heard of this but sounds awful. Of course I had to Google. Found a case report of a woman who had it in her finger, same symptoms as you, pain, swelling. She responded dramatically to an injection of corticosteroid and local anesthetic (lidocane) maybe it will help you. You might have seen the article, or google Acute calcific tendinitis of the hand: an infrequently recognized and frequently misdiagnosed form of periarthritis Sounds like something I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy, awful.

    1. Thanks, yes i've read everything i can on the subject, Friday crossing everything i get some answers xxx

  3. I hope your wrist heals very soon, Sue. I know all about the pain and inconvenience of only being able to use one arm. In December last year I was wearing a cast on my arm for 6 weeks. I know you must be frustrated not being able to crochet.

    1. Hi Sandra, sorry to hear about your 6 weeks in plaster to be honest i burying myself in books....other peoples lives always a fun place to be when your own isn't too good lol thanks hoping Friday will shed some light on matters xxx

  4. Take care of yourself Susan, I hope the pain goes away soon. Read your books (I do that when I cant crochet) you will heal, but I feel you when you cant crochet. XXX

    1. Thanks, yes books are my go to alternative for now, one down 4 to go in the latest set i bought and a very positive and uplifting book it was too, created a very cosy little nest in my kitchen everything to hand from the huge squishy sofa....made myself very comfy, lol maybe a little too comfy...enjoy your day xxx

  5. Sending you hugs Sue.

    I had cancer of the thyroid which has left me with a condition that affects my joints.

    I well understand how you feel not being able to crochet.

    I am crossing everything that Friday brings you a positive step forward. xx

    1. Thanks, sorry to hear of your episode of cancer and the on going joint problem, nothing is ever stand alone is it? Ripples are created in many directions, I do hope its controllable and doesn't give you too much grief. I'm slightly better again this morning so hopefully tomorrow will see light at the end of the tunnel, enjoy your day xxx

  6. Try some audiobooks, it might relax you to get comfortable and be read to - Robert Galbraith series (J K Rowling) are good. You can join for a free month and then £7.99 a month with a free download each month. There are free sites but they don’t seem to have such a current range of books. Hope you’re on the mend soon. xxx

    1. thanks i love a good story on the radio but still haven't got to audio books always felt i would keep crocheting at the same time and reading meant i put down the hook once in a while thanks though xxx

  7. Hi Sue, so sorry to hear your out of commission, i suffer from arthritis and fibromyalgia, unfortunately im intolerant to pain relief ect but have discovered tiger balm recently, yes it smells but i got relief finally, might be worth a try x i hope your hand is better soon x

    1. Hi sorry to hear about the intolerance, same here with a lot of antibiotics, not good is it? Tiger balm has been suggested by one or two i will get some at the weekend when Phils home to take me thanks xxx

  8. So sorry to hear about your wrist. Such bad news when one is suddenly rendered either immobile or without the use of one hand. Yes, one can manage but it's trying to say the least of it. One upside is that once it's better, the joy you will have in being back to normal will be humongous! Tendon injuries are very nasty and unfortunately do take time to heal (the last thing you want) but the good news is that they can and do heal so hang on in there. Hope the consultant gives you some reassurance and a bit of clarity on what exactly is wrong. In the meantime while actual hooking is not possible, may be it's an opportunity to play around with design / colour combos / untapped sources of inspiration for when you are fighting fit and crocheting all day long? E xx

    1. Hi, thanks, yes I'm trying to be a bit more balanced in what i do and being very careful and not rushing anything for now, Time is all thats needed really xxx