Thursday 14 November 2013

An Apple a day.....

The Husband of one of my friends from KnN had a small Art show with his son.....
I bought this Apple painting to go in my kitchen.
Thanks Reg I love it and it will look fabulous over the sofa in the kitchen....
hope your cold gets better soon x


  1. A fun pic for your kitchen. Sorry I couldn't stop when I saw you on Weds in town. Hubby had gone on ahead and I didn't want to lose him!!! lol x Jo

    1. Hi Jo....i didnt recognise you straight away and ws rushing for my bus so i didn't stop either...good to see you anyways brief as it was lol
      hugs x

  2. Great painting!

  3. A cheerful painting for your kitchen!
    I'm glad Twiglet didn't lose her husband! LOL!