Sunday, 24 January 2010


First BAKTUS ended up a SKINNY hehehehe still wearable but not exactly what l was hoping for so l went back to the drawing board for the pattern and realised that because l was using a DC and that is about 1/2" in depth l was reaching the centre before l'd increased enough by using the increase every 4th row......
l used the same 5mm hook another DK and DC but increased every 2nd row
from the centre pic above and the bottom right you can see the difference in width!!
Not quite finished it but feel sure this increase change has made the difference l was looking for
oh and l used a very soft multi Acrylic so no itchy neck!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KATHRYN.....working on the bag so cya soon with your creation
hugs have a fab day xx

Never Let Go Of Hope

One day you will see that it all has finally come together.

What you have always wished for has finally come to be.

You will look back and laugh at what has passed and you will ask yourself,
"How did I get through all of that?"

Just never let go of hope.

Just never quit dreaming.

And never let love depart from your life.

~ Jancarl Campi ~


  1. I like, I like alot...
    I'm still experimenting and i also only have itchy yarn at the moment..but i'm still going to try...nothing else to do as it's rather cold and there's snow on them there hills!!
    Take care

  2. They are both great. I love the colourways. Skinny just has a slightly different look and use :) Ros

  3. I've never heard of looks fabulous to me. I'm getting introduced to all kinds of new projects thanks to you! Love it!!

  4. Hi Suz, I as well have never heard of this. Hope all is well. Have been sick and sorta lazy, but I check your blog often. Good luck with everything.

  5. Yummie, Yummie yarn. Can't wait to see you model....

    Hope you are enjoying your weekend Suz.


  6. Hi Suz, I'm like a couple of others in that I don't know what you're talking about. Could you explain a Baktus to us? Maybe tell us how to make one? Jeanne is a super talented crocheter, and I'd like to see what she might come up with.

  7. Hi all...l modelled it but gave it to Phil the colours are more him than me so making another for me in black and beige stripes this time!!
    Hi Kate weekends spent on my own Phil works Friday Saturday Sunday so l spend most of it!
    Hugs All xx