Sunday, 31 January 2010


Dug out the CROCHET felted ropes and chains l made a few months back l have a few flowers and rings some where but where escapes me for now!!

Added the felt beads some wooden ones and crochet balls to the chain not sure how l would fix them all in place but definite potential!!
Embroidery and bead work needed to give some depth can see this will be an on going playtime!!

Been asked to do a tutorial for the felt beads....but they are so easy to make l was happily shocked!
There are lots of good tut's out there telling you very hot water is needed!!

l use barely warm water most of the time......microwaved it once to warm it up but found it worked just the same when cold...
But l did add quite a lot of Fairy washing up liquid to the mix..maybe a little too much but once l had made a jug full l wasn't going to waste it lol

Then l sat with a tray and kitchen roll for drips and a spoon to fish them out of the hot soapy mix but again a table spoon of soapy mix was more than enough for a single bead it really soaks it up fast so l added a wrapped roving bead to a spoonful of soap mix mostly

Next BE that was important if you aren't the beads can get creases in them you can't get out...BUT you can cover with another layer of roving so not a loss if it happens

Tried different ways of making the soft dry bead shape but the most successful was to pull the roving into long strips and wind it like a tiny ball of wool...keep the ball even and then to make the stripe just wind a teeny tiny amount of what ever colour you want the stripe to be around the bead

Add soapy water as described and GENTLY massage to start to get the bubble going then roll between your hands in different directions
only takes a few minutes and the firmer it gets the harder you can press

Then rinse in cold water and roll again and leave to dry
and above all ave fun lol

Barbara..yep you can use gloves some think it helps with the agitation but lots of hand cream after work for me hehehe


  1. Thanks so much suz.....cannot wait to try these, Love what you have done with yours they are great


  2. These are gorgeous! Thank you for your tutorial. Ooh, where's all the fleece - I've got some playing to do:-))