Tuesday 12 January 2010


Remember the burst pipe just before Christmas that damaged the ceiling in the 2nd bedroom?We finally sorted the damaged ceiling out yesterday and.......
l moved the furniture around too made it look more spacious
I'm a bit of a furniture mover l'm afraid most of our furniture has been in and out of every room over the last 5 years hehehe....
love a new look l do without the expense of new furniture lol

But l have got up on occasions and wanted to cut up furniture and remodel it hehe
THIS TABLE was originally twice the size lol
Phil made me a work bench in my original tiny craft room with the other half
and this big black unit that became 2 console tables

Todays 'to-do' is sorted the conservatory out then we will be ready for valuation day tomorrow lol
Love begins at home, and it is not how much we do... but how much love we put in that action.
Mother Teresa


  1. As you can imagine, I too, am a furniture mover. It make you feel like you have a whoooooole new room sometimes. Even just changing out the pillows can give it a new feel. BUT, I would do nothing to this one, I'm loving the Black/White and Dill Pickle Green.....

  2. I love to move furniture around - I used to get into trouble all the time when I was a kid:-))but now I can indulge whenever I feel like a change! Good luck tomorrow with the house valuation.

  3. Me thinks crafty people are never satisfied with their surroundings always the same! I like to move furniture and completely remake a room. I've definitely repurposed furniture! Keeps life exciting and not so dull. Love your room and hope you get a little break soon.

  4. LOL I used to always shift furniture about - my ex would get up in am and ........howl bash bang as he collided with furniture ...chuckle

    How is weather up there ....we still have snow ............. and not been ut since before Xmas

    Good luck with move and new home!!

  5. good luck with everything suz!! have left you a little award on my blog x kazxx

  6. thanks you thank you thank you everyone you must have been praying for us....wonderful news this morning has put me on cloud nine with a silver lining hehehehe
    Huge hugs to you all xxx