Tuesday, 26 January 2010


3 possibles but all so different!!....

The bay window semi is fabulous totally re furbished and to a high standard good size plot only fault is the back garden isn't so big but has a wood burning stove open plan kitchen diner sitting room and perfect for Phil's work and an area James likes

Bungalow we think is still top of the list though and in need of lots of work but could be something very special and lots of space inside although it looks small!
Another semi in a nice area with a very big coner plot and we can see lots of potential to add extra rooms with a great kitchen space plus garage carport and a perfect space for cars etc at the bottom of the garden

The last house is looking great on paper but still to view!!!
gorgeous conservatory/family room 4 bedrooms and en suite too!
a 2 story double garage for Phil and Noo Noo lol


  1. You "must" let us know about the viewing on the fourth house. For some reason I think the conervatory is going to sell you on it and would me too! Check to make sure it doesn't cost too much to heat/cool it though.

  2. I like them all, but of course. #2 and #3 with the nice green grass and garden potential would be on my list. Can't see the yard in one, but like the second story look. I'll keep my fingers cross. You will know when you know. Listen to your gut.


  3. They all look good, but must admit the bungalow seems like it has more room ... decisions, decisions!

  4. Thanks all.....you're right there Shirl..too many options at the moment lol!!
    Hugs all xx