Wednesday, 19 May 2010


Lettuce is getting adventurous!

Nasty shock yesterday all declined but my credit card was compromised!!! card on its way
it had gone international...and l only use in on Amazon!!!!!!!!!!! 
oh dear Amazon l might be changing where l buy my books from in future


Taken on the move so not brilliant but love the blaze of colour in the May fields

Got a lot done at old house yesterday and need to go register at the New Doctors today
think l need a dose of Vitamins 
tip of my tongue is very red and soooo sore....seems like its a B Vit deficiency! 
But l'll check it out just incase

Almost but not quite lol......managed a few rows but just couldn't stay awake any longer last night but only a couple of rows to do on the cushion back so fingers crossed it will be finished by the morning and l can do a few more hex's on the Noo Noo blanket
and decide what l'm going to make in the Ravelry....

ColourMart competition that starts on the 20th May


  1. That was quite the jump for Lettuce! Must have really wanted to see out the window!

    SO sorry to hear about your card being compromised. NOT good. Glad you caught it, though!

    The pots will find wonderful homes in and around your new place.

    Good luck with your sore tongue. Ouch. Hope it heals quickly.

    I'm looking forward to seeing your completed project!

  2. Looks like Lettuce has found a Robin's Nest to spy out the window at. Just how does he get up there, that's the questions. Vit B is always needed here for the energy to keep up. Good choice. Can't wait to see the Noo-Noo blanket. Off to check out the competition, thanks.

    Morning Hugs,

  3. Hi :)
    Your blog is lovely, just discovered it!!

  4. Oh my goodness Suz! I hope the card thing isn't a normal thing on Amazon 'cause I just ordered some books from there yesterday! boo hoo

    Yep you may be needing some vitamins girlfriend. I don't want to say I told you so but I told you to take care of yourself! We don't want you to get sick.

    Lettuce is an acrobat!!! Wow, super kitty!

    Very nice seeing all your plants. Soon they will be growing nicely at their new home.

    Hugs XX

  5. Morning all..they all love the high window that runs around the conservatory and just jump onto the window sill and then on to the high window...just glad Lettuce is coming out of her bedroom and hanging out with the others...still prefers peace and quiet though and her own company mostly lol
    Plants all look like they are surviving so far..fingers crossed
    Hugs xx