Thursday, 27 May 2010


Totally finished the old house tidy up ready for Tracy....she is sooo excited about moving in
new basin in the bathroom looks great too

Relief that the old house is all finished now so we can chill out for a day and then start all over again with Bakewell hehehe
LOTS OF PLANS.....Phil groans everytime l mention anything hehehehe

help l know there are more in my head too!!
giving myself until Monday to play with the design then l must get started if it makes up fast then l might make 2!!

The Peonies are fabulous have huge flower to get a couple more in white and pale pink..stunning flowers
Herb pot starting to thrive again and looks like we will have a good few strawberries this year too...yummy!!
Hostas have doubled in size my Lily pots are looking great and the...

Acer that Phil pulled up
'arrrrrrgh!! won't move was only a cheapy from the supermarket l was leaving it' l said


it seems to be doing well....
keep telling it it can survive the move l have the parasol over it to keep the sun off it and it gets watered daily and we have a little chat and l stroke the leaves...can't do any more so fingers crossed hehehe
9 Blooms in all on the front Peony
 love these colours together as they peek out from under the
 dripping Wisteria

A cushion or a blanket to commemorate Bakewell's Garden maybe in these colours?

Life IS just Fabulous 


  1. What a beautiful blog Suz. Such gorgeous crochet!

    Why aren't my peonies out when yours are? It's not fair!

    Sue x

  2. What wonderful photos, Suz! I love that your homes out there have such personalities! What an exciting time for you and your family.

    Love your crochet pieces. Such a decision you'll have to make on the sleeves, they are all beauties.

    Enjoy that beautiful garden of yours!

  3. Suzie, Suzie, Suzie-

    I'm really liken' that third options too. It brings in the A.F. feel.

    Glad to see you can now focus on your new home. Isn't it fun to see what new goodies are growing in your garden. Wonderful idea to make a pillow to commemorate your garden. Purples and Reds, now that's fun.

    As always, it's such a nice visit here. And Tracy better watch out, as I may get there and move in before she does. I want to make that trip to the Colourmart with you.

    Have a wonderful relaxing time, as you move forward new start,


  4. Great sleeve designs there - don't ask me to choose - I am a Libran!!!

  5. You do make me must have more hours in your day...
    I love the frilly sleeve!
    Take care

  6. Beautiful peonies. Such a vibrant colour. I think a crochet project is definitely in order to commemorate such a lovely show! Can't wait to see how the cardigan progresses. Thanks for your offer of a cuppa! If I'm ever down your way, I might just take you up on it!(I'll have to have some sort of husband distraction tho' if I'm headed for Coulourmart, or I'll never get away with the quantities I'd like!!!)

  7. Hi there Suz! I think I like the top right hand sleeve the best. They are all so pretty though. I love plants and flowers. We've had five pickings on our strawberries so far! We put in two beds of berries last year so this is our first big harvest. Plus we have blackberries, raspberries and plums that we should get a lot of fruit from this year. MMmmmmm

    Hugs XX