Friday, 20 August 2010


Lettuce climbed on Phil's knee yesterday for the 1st time and then came and sat close to me while l played hooky usually she disappears off to a quiet place when you enter the room hehe very timid and jumps at any noise but spent the afternoon with me and played with my yarn while l crocheted the patch cushion then fell asleep...TRUST at last hey!!!

mmmmmm not going so well yesterday..tried all sorts to join the patches and still not sure so back to the drawing board today a simpler way to join may be?
this was the way it went yesterday though.....
will try a flat join method with the turquoise before l rip all of that colour out and start again!!
thinking small circles in spaces between in a softer shade!!
Watch this space!!
Also want to take a tip to Ruthin Craft Centre today too and Art exhibition called
got to see this one hehe


  1. You must have so much patience Suz cos you always seem to put things together and then just take them apart to try again. Love the effects you get.
    A x

  2. Hi Suz,
    Lettuce looks so relaxed and very cute.
    Love the rounds, have you tried just joining them as they are and appliqueing the whole thing to a backing fabric.Just a thought.

  3. As always a great display of color and fun here in your world. Have fun at SMILE and take lots of pic to share.


  4. Hi Suz - Annie and I will be around town tomorrow afternoon if you fancy meeting up for coffee or have you a knit and natter planned? -Jo

  5. Would love to meet at 2 pm in the foyer if thats OK- Jo

  6. Love little Lettuce. What a snappy name that is. I see you're still playing with those colors.