Sunday, 15 August 2010


The sun shone then the rain came down but the venue was empty so l had the place almost to myself the views were great and the flowers bloomed...

lots of flower filled bags and trolleys were to be seen bursting at the seams on their way home to all those gorgeous gardens

It was SHOW DAY in Shrewsbury and the SS K&NG 1st meet day
people had made their apologies for holidays weather car problems and show day but the 1st meet took place in the new Shrewsbury Theatre...
never been inside before and was impressed by the light and big windows overlooking the river Severn
loved all the curves inside and the colourful chairs....a bit deep for my little legs hehe so off came the shoes and l tucked my leg underneath me and settle down with my blanket and a cuppa to wait and see who turned up!
A Meeting of two lots of chat unpicking hehehe and laughs
Thanks Pat 
l had a fab afternoon we might have been a small group meet but it was definitely a quality one
Thanks too for all the travel info l'll definitely be following through on that link
SO the SS K&NG takes off....hopefully more will make the next one


Forgot to show you Phil's tidy garage yesterday we can practice our Salsa steps in there now hehe
Left him to tidy his own tool shelves or he would never find anything but Phil being Phil it will probably never happen hehe

CRAFT did that happen?
My craft room seems to need attention now...
not quite sure how it became untidy again!! lol....and the unfinished walls l hope will get painted this week
then l can finish sorting stuff and find lost goodies....

l'll need to turf the cats out of the unpack boxes they have taken to sleeping would think they didn't have enough crocheted cat beds about the place wouldn't you!
Lettuce's favourite place had another cat in it when l l bought him a new brush....longer fur then the other three
such a timid cat and a big boy too but a real softie is our Lettuce


sharing a splash.....not sure where it's going though as l PROMISED myself l wouldn't start anything new until l'd finished at least one of the WIP project of which there are many l'm embarrassed to say

BIG BAG OF YARN...Still didn't have the right colour!!
Made Pat laugh yesterday with my big bag of yarn and blanket l took to work on
was a bit of a joke though the only 2 colours l really needed next l had left at home
think l need a lesson in ORGANISATION!!!!

thanks for the hair comments glad you like easy to deal with when its short
Hugs all have a fabulous Sunday..
off to play hooky until 5.30 no distractions today until dinner needs burning!! hehehehe
l'm no cook!


  1. So glad the first K&N group meet was successful if a little short of numbers. I'm sure numbers will increase once the holiday season is over. Catch you soon.
    A x

  2. Sounds like your meet up went great! Lovely colours in your crochet. Can't wait to see what you make with it. x

  3. The vnue looks really nice and airy. Hope more turn up next month.
    Like the colours,

  4. Looks absolutely gorgeous! Beautiful with the turquoise border around the squares :)

  5. I call into your blog to get a quick colour boost - it cheers me up on a damp dull day!! Glad your meet went well. Hope Wipso and I can make the next one - she will go off on holidays you know!!lol

  6. That line is great about burning dinner....that's right up my alley. Always enjoy reading your posts and looking at all of the wonderful, exuberant colors!

  7. I am visiting your blog and I'm so happy about having discovered it.
    I was wondering which kind of wool do you use for these wonderful colours. Is it only wool or also synthetics?