Thursday, 10 September 2009


4 Cups and saucers plates milk jug and sugar bowl......£12 just couldn't leave it behind
took a sneeky pic of the storage bench at Dagfields £285.....l so want one like this in fact everything in this unit l want hehehehe
Shed panelling all finished now all l need is the right paint.....matt and antique white........more research l think
'cos the Dulux Satinwood is totally wrong bit annoyed after all that painting and £13 a tin too ggggggrrrrrrr!!

Mel...l know how you feel it's gorgeous isn't it and space....l'll make space for it hehehe
Thanks Kaz let you know what we think about Brettells next Tuesday......looking at the site l think l might agree with your Dad! lol


  1. Suz.....those cups are soooo fabby!! The chair is so gorgeous too! Have you tried to knock them down on the price?? Think its one of those "I NEED IT NOW" buys hee hee xxx

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  3. Re-did this post without the gobble-de-gook!! hehehe
    Thanks Kaz....googled the set and all l could find was an American site with a milk jug for $55....and l got it all for £12 but as alwys not what it's worth but what you can get for it hey!!
    Don't!....l'm so tempted to try for the bench l really am will deffo be keeping my eye on it for a while though

  4. The cups are so pretty - I really love them!

    Pomona x

  5. Thanks Pomona....had my 1st cuppa out of the set yesterday hehe need a teapot now though!