Wednesday 30 September 2009


Large Black TV Unit that we cut in two to make 2 console tables one for the dining room and one for my shed...all finished now

Called at Ikea to pick up the wooden top yesterday on the way home from Brum

Bit to long and at first thought we would cut the extra length down but decided to keep it and l may add a small rail each end for hanging stuff on but not sure yet

The other half of the black unit is also painted white and in my shed for the laptop printer and laminator
MAY 27TH 2011 UPDATE...
moved in 2010 and the consoles together made me a big craft room table to work on
click link to see it now
soon to be re-hacked into a hinged sandwich craft table to hide the mess and do an instant tidy up so the room can be used by all, all the time and not just as a craft space


  1. Such a brilliant idea.. you have made two fantastic pieces from the one, and I love the wooden top on the white paint work.. you must be very proud of your 'new' furniture

  2. Thanks Yvonne....l am was other half that chose the big black unit l always thought it took up to much space it filled the eye its much more useful
    Painting the base of the table and the chairs next after the inside of the shed....sooo much to do and Christmas cards and dec's to make too!!! hehe