Thursday, 10 September 2009


love this one but it isn't a storage seat and l want one with storage in it
but love the curvy top
I've seen a storage seat similar to this in the local Antiques centre un painted and beautiful but £485...gulp!
Saw another at Dagfields £285 painted and again beautiful but l want one that is unpainted and a lot less so l can paint it myself

The seat is storage a brill idea love two for one offers hehehe

Great to see you again Kaz and have a chat hope you got all you wanted?
Have you ever been to the Newport Auction.......Brettnells on a Tuesday?
going to take a look next week

Off to Dagfields at 10 see what goodies we can find lol

One of the console tables we made is painted but l thought satinwood paint would be less shiny! wet and dry on it today do a bit of disstressing hehe

Many moons ago l used to do a lot of painted furniture layers of colours waxing crackle finishes all back in fashion again today


  1. Hi Suz...........great to see you too last night enjoyed our chat! I was very restrained I bought some recipe stands as well as the enamel wear but went not long after you. My dad has been to brettalls but he not as keen on that auction, think he gets more for his money at high ercall! Good luck with Dagfields today will be thinkin of ya! Will keep eye out for is gorgeous! Have fun and enjoy your day x

  2. I love those seats....I saw one once and wanted it so badly...till Olly pointed out there was nowhere to put it....drat!!!

    Hope you get yours......they are super!xxx

  3. fingers and toes crossed now l know what they are called