Tuesday, 25 November 2008

November 25th album date

Brupbrup been helping me in the attic

Started to sort the tiny work room out l will finish off today....got rid of all the rubbish and stashed the boxes of paints etc under the work table
Todays task is to sort the table n shelves and make it look nice then must finish painting the corridor...basically thats the room a corridor with a 6' square at the end.....cosy!!! lol

It's where the attic steps are...ex RAF house rummor has it they used it to store their gear in there....made it into my craft room...or it could be a small office..good selling point if l ws selling that is!

TV too.....half the walls still need painting and the pin boards screwing to the walls but other than that l can now move in there...had turned into a dumping ground l'm afraid to say

Curly Chrismas tree inspiration was an ART FROM THE HEART class they used a book and l'm really struggling to cut a book up l'm afraid....even an old tatty one...so l used the left over wallpaper l've ade other christmas decs n drinks mats out of...still needs finishing...do that today

Now is the time of balance between fall and winter. Beginnings and endings are times of delicate harmony. When you are where you need to be, nothing can rock you....wanna bet!

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