Tuesday, 18 August 2009


Tried this wonderful pattern out from Sarah London site a couple of days back still needs the edge and joining but they make wonderful flowers for the stripy bags too
As it's 'shed festival' week here..hehe l wont get back to them for a few days and the pictures aren't good but wanted to share... size 7mm hook and doubled DK and chunky wool used makes a very large flower more than the length of my hand hehehe fun though and easy to make
Thanks Sarah...great pattern

My back is just about holding up after 'his' went up yesterday we finished about 8.30 and l fell into bed to watch 'The Street' brill series we watch every week but fell asleep.....ooops Pmcas watched it then went to the pub for a couple hehe..don't know how e does it

Old sheds down today and might get 'hers' started today but maybe tomorrow will see it up see how we go today....one of the old sheds is being collected at 6ish tonight and the other we ere keeping but Pmacs decided to see and construct something else for the lawn mower etc between his and hers...sooooooooooooooooo excited or did l say that?...hehehehe


  1. Hey Suz

    Sheds are looking great!!! Bet you are itching to get in there!! Enjoy and want more piccies olease xxxxhee hee


  2. Few more update pics for you but the pretty stuff will take another week to get too l think..fingers crossed 'Hers' will be up by lunch time and tomorrow l'm hoping we may get the insulation and it boarded out...at least started
    We have friends for dinner tonight and more friends tomorrow night for dinner..they all want to see the sheds hehehe
    I said l might put a table in mine and we can eat in there for the fun of it hehehe...pics if we do!..nuts hey? hehehe