Wednesday 19 August 2009


Going to hang this old lamp outside 'Hers' when she is built....and after Pmacs has got it working
Forgot to add this picture...on Monday when we nipped into town for the roof felt adhesive passing the charity shop for some reason l felt the need to go in and found this pretty jug for my roses 50p a bargain don't you think?
Veiw of the mess from the spare bedroom window as we finished last night....still need to reinforce the decking and then errect 'Hers' today
Needed to spend a couple of hours sorting Phils shelving and at least tidying a little just so we could get in 'His'....he's still got lots and lots to sort though.....should keep him busy for a while....but we'll see really can't believe he will become a tidy teddy bear even with a new shed to play in hehehehe
Few of the hung up tools......well it's a start!!


  1. Oooh Suz!!

    Bet you just cannot wait!!! really enjoying seeing what you done each day!! Thanks for your lovely comments on my cat box, Loving the jug too, I might get to trawl the charity shops later thats if I can bribe my six year lol!! Pm me your e-mail address or phone no on the craft forum and I will let you know all about the auctions. enjoy and have fun


  2. hehehehe the only thing that game me the strength to lift the panels Kaz...really struggled today totally wiped out!
    Phil was real pleased with me said he didn't know how l'd done it lol...won't be able to say that bag of shopping is too heavy now will l? lol
    Will mail you my e mail and then send you my Phone number would love to do the auction next week are you going?...thanks