Sunday, 16 August 2009

IN THE lilac green aswell!

Yet another bag based as the wool sack pattern on size 7mm hook this time and 8 rounds only then sides of single crochet( sooooooooooo slow to do but looks like moss stitch in knitting) for 4 inches and then a freeform 4" section fast hehehe and finish off with another slow 4"....fiished it by 4 this afternoon

Always hated these chairs so asap l'm going to paint them an idea from the new blog l found this morning they have painted theirs all different pastel colours....have 8 chairs all together so 1st 4 l'm using in 'Hers' l will try this out then maybe do the dining room 4 aswell and the bottom of the table....yet another project to keep me busy with hehehe

Love the colours in this bag so going to make a cowl scarf to match...just for me
freeform detail panel

Inspiration came from a cotton jumper l used to own many years ago...adored the jumper l wore it out have a pic some where will have to see if l can find it

Made a couple of the new dining room seat covers aswell today and took a few pics of the 'new look' for the dining room......the beginnings of the new country look for 'Hers' (delivered tomorrow did l say l was excited hehehe) and the house 'cos the look is really growing on me

Just found these 2 blogs....Gorgeous SUCH PRETY THINGS.....some lovely pastels
lots of red and pale blue...stunning HAPPY LOVES ROSIE


  1. ooh excited are you??? Is today the day `hers` arrives??? Want to see lots of photos, bet you cant wait!!Lol

    Love your colour scheme, you must have the fastest fingers in shrops!! I cant keep up hee hee
    looking forward to seeing your summerhouse


  2. Hello!
    I love that bag!!!!!

    AND...I think the table ans chair picture is sublime....yummy colours!

    Have a super week!x

  3. Thanks both get my teeth into something and l cant stop till its done hehehe
    Glad you like the colours cant wait to get started on the interior of the shed now hehehe
    Kaz cya at the AUCTION on Wednesday