Wednesday, 9 September 2009


As we had run out of insulation decide yesterday to split the black TV unit and do the painting..Phil's not keen on painting and wanted to keep going on my shed and found a roll spare in the attic we had forgotten about so he was happy to leave me painting and off he went to do another wall in the shed and half the roof and put up the chandelier as a suprise

Love it...thanks Pmacs

window wall and half the roof now tongue and groove
Front door window wall is all thats left to insulate and board then l can move in with the paint brush...took me 2 hours to paint the 2 new cosole like tables made from the large black unit yesterday....then l had lunch watched Loose Women and started again still to do the final satinwood coat.....then popped out to see the chandelier in full blaze hehe

love it love it love it...big thank you Pmacs we both had fun yesterday lol
Not much left to do now?

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