Tuesday, 11 May 2010


Found 2 Red Peonies one at the front and one at the back..stunning flowers
If they grow well in this garden l will add other varieties when the time is right
and it seems we have one of the 6 UK'S top growers about 7 miles away in Shawbury
Claire Austen.....lucky me
got to have this one...‘Angel Cheeks’ Ruffled, double pale pink, infused with cream. Pales to a blush pink with age. Sturdy stems with good foliage and a mild fragrance. £15.00 BUY NOW
Isn't it stunning?
'Moonriver' Beautifully formed white, tinged with hints of pink to give it a deep blush. The blooms are symetrically shaped and held on good stems. A wonderful cutting flower. £9.00BUY NOW or £23.00 for 3 plants BUY NOW
'Mother's Choice' Very double white flowers with interwoven petals and dark green leaves. Scented, good for cutting and free flowering. £15.00 BUY NOW
‘Raspberry Sundae’ A lovely very double ball of curling, creamy petals heavily flushed with pink and framed by lots of creamy white guard petals. Fragrant. £9.00 BUY NOW or £23.00 for 3 plants BUY NOW
all cream/ pale pink and stunning good for cutting or fragrant...ooooh l'm excited now!!!!
Laptop Panic over
Laptop went into the local repair shop and was back with me by tea time...all mended 
I asked if he had many similar problems and he said he did.....good earner then at £100 a go!.....not that l'm complaining l was so glad to get it back so fast just annoyed that now l have 2 just over 12month old laptop with the same problem thought it might be an Acer problem but seems its all models!!

Frost Alert!!!
Covered all the new plants with newspaper cloches last night and l don't think we had a frost so fingers crossed they will all be ok


  1. Off to Map Quest right now to get directions. I'm all about finding a new nursery for plants. I love peonies, they can last for years. Bobbie next door, has a whole wall of them for me to enjoy. Believe it or not, I don't have any space on the south side of the house, where the sun is best.

    Don't you just hate those spring frost alert. I use plastic garbage bag over my pots. But, it worth the time. Glad to hear you survived.

    Am I just seeing that Fab-u-lous rug on you sidebar. Off to have closer look. Who know what colors will be arriving in my mystery grab bag soon.

    Have a happy day,

  2. We are lucky aren't we and David Austen nearby too - swoon making scent in June!
    Next time you are Colinette bound add in a trip the The Dingle and The Derwen near Welshpool - really good plant centres!
    PS we had snow this morning - sparse but definitely white and cold!

  3. I love Peonies! I only have one in my yard though. something to think about adding. LOL I have so many flowers now Im overflowing though. Your yard is going to look as amazing as your house Suz! I love it.


  4. Think all the plants look ok so want to do more in the garden but yet another trip to old house to collect the last of the 'stuff'
    Georgina lucky indeed!!
    Thanks for the inspiration Kate
    Hope so Barbara!
    Oh happy days ! Hugs All xx