Friday, 21 May 2010


James spent the middle of the day here and we sat in the garden...perfect so good to see him happy and smiling again
More by luck than judgement but the back and front went together so easily with a single crochet then l added a scalloped edge of 7DC  spaced over 5sts
Was going to ask you all which l should do but made the decision all by myself hehehe
loved it once l had gone half way round

Got to make a few of these it goes so well in both bedrooms and on the orange sofa with my collage of flowers behind
Hope you like the finished cushion
now A CARDY/JACKET to design using the same flowers samples will be done tonight l hope
ooops almost finished a cartoon of vanilla ice cream while posting!!


  1. Love the cushion - perfectly gorgeous colours and I love the scalloped edging. Mmm, yum! Ice cream! Makes me want ot go get some! I was knitting outside and got burnt arms!! - all except for a little white 'v' shape at the crease of my elbows from the knitting posture ....I have a knitting tan line:-)

  2. I absolutely love the cushion! I might have to have a go myself. It's fab!
    Can't wait to see the cardi. x

  3. The cushion is terrific! When you sewed the African flowers together, did you just tack them at a few spots? I'm not very good at this part, and am a little afraid. I really want to make some of these cushions, though.

  4. Hi Suz. I really love your cushion. Such pretty colours. I have found a use for the ones I've made :-) My daughter has asked for a lap blanket for my little granddaughter :-)
    A x

  5. Love your cushion Suz! You have just the most awesome way of putting colors together.

    Hugs XX

  6. Just love the way this cushion turned out and got to admit, I would love to copy it. Is there any way you could share the pattern for the in-between stitches to the front side? Would much appreciate it. Also love the simple border and the design of the back. Thanks for sharing them with all of us.

    Otherwise, hope your house is coming along nicely and also that you have a wonderful and peaceful weekend.

  7. Thanks all so addicted to this pattern going to make all sorts with it so watch this space hehe
    Have answered question on individual blogs
    My friend is on her way so must get up cya soon K
    Hugs all have a wonderful weekend xx

  8. Just been catching up with all your posts this week. Love the cushion - such beautiful colours and a stunning pattern. I must find some time for a little play about!

  9. What a beautiful cushion! I just love how it turned out. Were I try to finagle something like this, it sure wouldn't turn out so well. LOL But you sure inspire me to at least want to try. LOL

  10. beautiful pillow... great colours, iwanted to ask you, if you are going to put a ziper or not how do you do.... i am doing one so i did live a space for a ziper..but i dont exactly how it is going to look