Saturday, 21 August 2010


Looks like we have a meet of 4 for this afternoon at the theatre...cya at 2girls

Joined the random patches in a triangle for my cushion...after lots of trials and errors!!!
Now l need to make it into a cushion for a Monday Show!!....mmmmm more decisions to be made
do l tke it this afternoon or something l can make mistakes on what with all the chatter hehehe
bound to be one or two moments of unpicking!
or l could take my ripple blanket not done any since doing the 

Fab day out yesterday great building inside not a favourite outside but definitely interesting and does the job
Food was good and loved the dining room d├ęcor had lots of white soft lime green grey with black and white photographs in black frames and chunky oak furniture.....

Building was set in a horse shoe shape around a courtyard gallery at the bottom end and small artist units down both sides
lots of white space inside...fabulous loved it
collages of my favourite artist in the exhibition until my batteries ran out....ooops

these little figures were so cute
sorry l don't seem to have the artist..another ooops!
Drift wood creations and cute woolly creatures hehe
wonderful ceramics...

a wagon of lost adults!...hehehe

really enjoyed it all and the journey was wonderful passing so many great buildings and interesting sites but it would have taken me hours to get there if l had stopped to photograph them all but l did stop ofF at 
and snapped the mere and its wild birds being fed...not been there for years and its such a peaceful place to sit and watch the birds

I'll definitely be making a return visit to Ruthin well worth the one hour 20minute wonderful journey
UK really does have some beautiful scenery and lots of it on my door step
Lucky me!
Have a wonderful fun filled weekend everyone
Hugs Suz x


  1. Good morning Suz. That looked like a fab day out. Thanks for sharing it. See you later.
    A x

  2. Hi it sure was and l almost didn't go!!! silly me
    will go again for another exhibition
    loved the journey there
    Cya Later xx

  3. I have an old school friend at Ruthin - I could visit both couldn't I and even take Annie with me!!!

  4. There are some very talented people out there-including yourself I might add.
    I love the way you put your colours together.

  5. What a fab exhibition, made me smile. Thanks for sharing

  6. I'm glad you went Suz. It's fun visiting the world through my blog pals!

  7. thank you so much for letting us visit the exhibition! the first two are my favorite artists for dolls in the UK and now I get to know some more!