Friday, 27 August 2010


Soooooooooooooooo excited l am NEW CAMERA supposed to be delivered today and trying to do 3/4 of the ripple by Sunday night...aaargh!!
Will I...Wont I?

Knit and Natter again tomorrow at 2pm in The Shrewsbury Theatre
cya there girls

Phil'd bike had a broken bit nothing that stopped him using it a small plastic bit that fits over the chain l think 
But he is real pleased with it and the sun is shining again this morning so dry for his trip to work this morning at 5.30

Another spike stitch flower with instructions

gave the felted spike stitch patch a go but needs a lot more work l think not happy with it yet...
it works but......?
Thinking of going l know Pauline from our K&N is going but anyone else?
Manchester Stitch and Creative crafts 3-5th September

cya later girls
Hugs Suz x


  1. Must have a go at the spike stitch flower next. That is so effective. :-)Don't think we will be able to join you at the theatre this week sorry but will try harder next week :-)
    A x

  2. Suz, please could you tell me what yarn you are using for your 2 ripples? I have tried to find it on your blog but I can't see. I love the colours. Is it your yarn that you sell? Thanks x

  3. A new camera! How exiting!! Can beleive it you're waiting anxiously :)) I'm waiting for the postman too, to delivery the woolly fibers I ordered from UK - want to spin it!

  4. Your creative talent just never seems to stop. I really need to try felting something. I, for one, am thrilled you have a new camera.