Saturday, 7 August 2010


SS KNG....update: The New Theatre was suggested.....lots of near by parking and space...So a 1st K&N is set for 2pm on SATURDAY 14TH AUGUST @ Shrewsbury Theatre Restaurant

message on Ravelry....

Looks like we have a Shrewsbury Saturday K&N Group!!!…(SS KNG)
Just rang the theatre restaurant and they said we would be very welcome...there is lots of space and to ring before hand and they would put a table together for us if we let them know rough numbers
Posted it here too for those who want to come but don't belong to Ravelry

So much for taking a break...funny how life drags you back in hey!!!


  1. Sounds great - Shrewsbury show day? Hope that doesn't pose problems.

  2. Maybe its better to stay busy?

  3. How wonderful! So glad your wonderful idea is coming together! Can't wait to hear all about your first get together...

  4. Hope you all have a good natter and pass n tips to each other. Enjoy life

  5. I can't make the inaugaral meeting, but I hope I will make others!! Look forward to updates!

  6. So sorry I wasn't around for you these last few days. You will remain in my thoughts and prayers. I totally understand when we need to step away for a quiet rest. Off to read about your photo copyright posting. I'm thinking I need to think about doing this.

    Sending big hugs,

  7. I've not looked at your blog for ages - I can see that you are having a sad time, although I have only read the last couple of blogs and I've no doubt that you've been very busy up to now. Thinking of you and hope to see you and Phil again before too long. Remember that you keep lots of other people very happy with your bouncy personality. x

  8. Suz, love your work, your blog, glasses and your new hairstyle! My Mom also did not know me in her last years (Alzheimer's) but would tell others I was her sister! I figured that was just fine-all in the family. Also, memory loss is very normal for us ladies at a certain age and it is well documented. It's when you do not know what something is for that is becomes a problem. Funny, the other day in a store I was browsing in two older gentlemen were talking about their memory loss, one saying he could not find his glasses and the other told him that was fine it's when you cannot remember if you can read there is a problem-I chuckled.