Saturday, 7 August 2010


After a wonderful wedding at the weekend l've hit a bad patch with Steve's death he was only 51 and on top it would have been my Mum's 85 birthday on the 5th as well..sad l miss her a lot

As an only child l have no brothers and sisters to share stuff with and as fabulous as you have all been l'm not good at sharing the bad stuff.....
l'm ok but taking a break from blogging for a couple of days

.....was my cousin but we have all been shocked by the speed of his death

A week ago Wednesday he was in Manchester enjoying a wonderful day out.....that evening his Sister Helen had commented on how good he was looking.....he'd lost a bit of weight and looked happy and well 

By the next morning he was admitting himself to hospital..he lives alone and didn't ring anyone no one knew until the hospital rang the next morning to say he was seriously this stage he was still chatting

 48hours later he was on life support.....with all of us by his bedside
The family was told he would die if they didn't try to operate but they also said he didn't stand a big chance of surviving the op either
Sadly he was so poorly and nothing could be done so returned to the ward and died at 5.05 on the
 4th August 
RIP Steve

Remembrance is a golden chain
Death tries to break,
but all in vain.
To have, to love, and then to part
Is the greatest sorrow of one's heart.
The years may wipe out many things
But some they wipe out never.
Like memories of those happy times
When we were all together.
~ (Author unknown)

A sudden death like this makes you take stock of your own life 
so l'm doing a bit of stock taking and l'll be back soon
Funeral is on Friday

Sorry for delay in info/p&p costs on the Yarn front girls..hope you understand


  1. Thinking of you, remember we are all here when you are ready. Take care x

  2. Suz, of course we understand.
    I am so sorry, it must have been such a shock.
    Please take care of yourself and know that my thoughts are with you.
    Big hugs and much love.

  3. take all the time you need x blessx
    hope your goodbye to him to friday goes well, try to celebrate his life, the love and friendship he gave you x and how lucky you all were to have known and loved him xx

  4. big thanks girls l knew you would all understand but been dragged back to reality fast...a Knit and Natter group has just been formed
    Been trying to get it started for a few weeks now so it seems like l'm not being allowed to skulk in the shadows for long!!..isn't life funny?
    Hugs Suz xx

  5. it is hard to know whether to have time to yourself or to keep really busy.....grief is a strange thing x

  6. Hi suz

    Life can throw the most rotten things at you......I too lost another good friend this week, its just awful, thinking of you suz, you know where I am if you need a cuppa xx take a break it will do you the world of good. I would love to come to your group am away the 14th for a week but keep me posted as would like to come along xx

  7. Suz, I am so sorry to hear of your loss. I know what a shock it must have been. My mother passed 16 years ago on August 2nd and her memorial service was on the 6th. It does make you sit back and take stock. Any break you need, you go ahead and take. We'll be here for you. On the flip side, having that group form like this may mean your Steve doesn't want you to wallow in grief. It may be his way of showing you to live life to its fullest while you can.


  8. Take care, Suz. I lost my Mom at age 54 (I was 17) and I am so blessed to have five sisters and one brother. We leaned on each other thru all the difficult times. But you have such a wonderful circle of friends who are obviously near and dear to your heart. To me, they are your family and will be there no matter what.

  9. So sorry to hear of your loss.

  10. My thoughts are with you, Sue. Hugs.

  11. Suz - I feel so sad for you. You must take as much time as you need and treat yourself very gently. We shall all be here when you are ready for your virtual friends again.
    Take care. XXXX

  12. Suz, please take care of yourself during all of these stressful days.

  13. Hello Suz,

    Have been following your blog for quite some time now and can just feel the jolt in life you've just experienced. It's a true reality check. It's good to share and we know you are a trooper and will be fine.

  14. Suz, Just thinking of you and wanted to wish you all the best for Friday. Much Love Clare x

  15. I hope today went well - thimking of you today.